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yutowap33 -> geology (1/30/2021 2:47:29 AM)


Looks like I striked oil! too bad I don't have much todo with it :/

1. Does planet type or region affect the prevalence of different resource deposits? (It feels like there is much more oil fields around the poles)
2. If so, where can I find any information on that ingame? specifically what my chance of finding metal? (All I found is that planet is Geologically Active, whatever that means mechanically)
3. Is there a limit to how much deposits can be found through prospecting?
4. Any benefit to using cards on this?
5. Are resources deposits pre-generated?

newageofpower -> RE: geology (1/30/2021 5:47:53 AM)

1. Planets with a long history of life will have lots of fossil fuel deposits. I don't think they occur more near poles, that's just coincidence for you to find a cluster near the poles. I sometimes find >250k total fuel in a single zone with old/warm/wet Siwas, and I think its the same or even -more- fuel rich for Medusas.

2. Denser, younger planets have more metal. So high gravity, lower radius, low planetary age. Ingame Reports -> Prospecting tells you which of your zones still have undiscovered deposits.

3. Er. The deposits are generated during planet generation. You just can't find them without the governor/eco councilor/prospecting strategems rolling it.

4. It's generally considered a waste of PP to use Prospecting Push I, but the Corporation Prospecting card is pretty efficient. Also Archaeology is absolutely worth using.

5. Yes.

BlueTemplar -> RE: geology (1/30/2021 8:47:33 AM)

Right under "Geological activity" you have "Heavy elements" (%). I understand this gives you the relative number (and size? and maybe ease of mining ??) of Metal / Rare Earth / (Radioactives??) deposits on the planet ?

By the way, anyone finds it weird how your prospectors just *know* whether or not they can discover more deposits without a single BP invested ?

(Prospecting Push wording is a bit unclear on that, considering how expensive it is, are you *sure* it can't be used to create a brand new deposit to be discovered ?)

zgrssd -> RE: geology (1/30/2021 2:33:12 PM)

1. The oil on earth is all the product of a previous biosphere. Plants die, get burried under rock, and converted into oil over thousands to millions of years.
However fuel does seem to include stuff like Methane and similar volatile gasses. And the Methane Hydrate or "Methane Ice" in permafrost or on the ocean floor is a major concern of climate change. If we manage for it to gass out, we might already be done for.

I personally found that metal is a lot rarer on geologically active planets - presumably stuff is still moving around to much.

2. The presence of a biosphere - even a token one - is a good indicate for plentyfull fuel.
The metal content and lack of geological activity tends to benefit the chance of metal deposits

3. All deposits are generated before gamestart. You do not create any deposits, you only find what was always there.

4. The cards really just add a lot of Prospecting Points to any given zone, meaning you get the same finds earlier. Or get clear information that there is nothing left.
Keep in mind however that only the current Zone is searched. the slowly gathering prospecting poitns are banked and as zones expand, you might capture new deposits you were not aware off

5. Yes!

KarisFraMauro -> RE: geology (1/30/2021 2:50:28 PM)

Isn't it called methyl hydrate? I might be wrong on that... It popped up as the cause of a planetary disaster in one of my favourite anime series, Ergo Proxy, which hypothesized an explosive chain reaction occuring during mining for fuel. I've also read speculation that a natural leak on the ocean floor could cause ships on the surface to sink when the water they're floating on suddenly turns to a large mass of bubbles. Interesting stuff.

BlueTemplar -> RE: geology (1/30/2021 3:21:36 PM)

Nah, you're confusing with methanol.


ORIGINAL: zgrssd
Or get clear information that there is nothing left.

What do you mean? Don't you already have this information ?

EDIT : However, this seems to be the case for Archaelogy Effort, where you don't know in advance whether you've discovered all the potential artifact spots or not.

yutowap33 -> RE: geology (1/30/2021 6:36:54 PM)

So resources deposits are pre-generated. Meaning that if you don't start with metal deposit, you may never find one, and enemy deposits might get exhausted before you capture them..

* Help->Planet statistics-> Geologically active: Yes - might mean less Metal/rare deposits
* Help->Planet statistics-> Heavy elements: high percentage should indicate something about mining but we are unsure what.
* resources deposits position might depend on the map region.

p.s. In my current game, I have no metal or rare deposit, barely few urban archeological sites, and no additional prospecting finds possible. Basically, I am ****ed. I either try to rush/overwhelm a major with metal, or rush toward energy production and metal filtration.

BlueTemplar -> RE: geology (1/30/2021 7:30:50 PM)

You can do with surprisingly low amounts of metal coming from scavenging !

BlueTemplar -> RE: geology (1/31/2021 1:51:30 PM)

Here fore instance : (on Difficult or is it Hard ? The 3rd level.)

Despite only having 3 scavenging hexes, no starting metal mine, and having a tiny territory, I'm doing just *fine* (the major north seems to have just this turn given up on attacking me, and called back most of his troops - though maybe this is because another major is attacking him ?)

The overwhelming majority of my items are spent on building up my capital (including upgrading the scavenging sites), with only a token defense. One of the scavenging sites is going to run out in ~3 turns, but I've recently researched Metal Filtration, so it shouldn't be a big issue. (This might have been an issue if my planet was low on heavy elements, but at 126%, it probably won't be.)


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