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Ric119 -> Spinal Mounts (1/28/2021 1:25:12 PM)

Wondering if we will be able to have spinal mount weapons in the game? Akin to a MAC cannon from Halo type of thing.

If so will we be able to put them on all types of hulls? Or just the bigger ones? And will we be able to to add them to space stations and basically make them a giant floating gun? I do love myself a spinal mount in space games.

Erik Rutins -> RE: Spinal Mounts (1/28/2021 1:32:27 PM)

There are Heavy weapons, which hit much harder and have longer range, though they generally take more size, energy and are slower to shoot. Those can fit on all military hulls and some others. However, we do not have special hulls designed around one big weapon in terms of a true "spinal mount". Putting a single Heavy Weapon on an Escort or a Frigate though often uses much of the space you really have available for weapons due to the size required so conceptually it's similar.

There is one hull with a true "spinal mount" in the game, but it's not one of the researchable ones on the research tree.

You can absolutely make a station that's focused on heavy weapons and it will hit quite hard as stations have heavy-capable weapon bays and a lot of extra space for heavy weapons. Because stations are stationary though and have bonuses to effective range for their weapons, heavy seeking weapons that depend less on fire arc tend to work best on them.


- Erik

RogerBacon -> RE: Spinal Mounts (1/28/2021 1:53:34 PM)

Are there weapon arcs or is everything still 360 degrees?

Cauldyth -> RE: Spinal Mounts (1/28/2021 1:55:15 PM)

They've mentioned that there are weapon arcs, and in the video while inspecting the ship design, you can see the cones.

Erik Rutins -> RE: Spinal Mounts (1/28/2021 1:59:21 PM)

Yes, there are weapon arcs which are both auto-calculated based on the position of the external weapon mount but can also be defined in the ship hull data.

RogerBacon -> RE: Spinal Mounts (1/28/2021 1:59:43 PM)


ORIGINAL: Cauldyth

They've mentioned that there are weapon arcs, and in the video while inspecting the ship design, you can see the cones.

Thanks. I guess I need to watch the videos before asking more questions.

Ric119 -> RE: Spinal Mounts (1/28/2021 2:28:01 PM)

Awesome to know, can't wait to see what other weapons we can use. Big fan of kinetic myself so hope they have some top tier weapons. And it would be cool if for a future expansion you guys might look at doing a few more hull designs for spinal mounts, the bigger the ship the more powerful they could be.

SirHoraceHarkness -> RE: Spinal Mounts (1/28/2021 3:56:25 PM)

You should be able to mod up a spinal mount as long as your target hull as a forward facing weapons port. You just take an existing heavy weapon and juice up its stats into a 'spinal' form and save it as a new heavy weapon. That is if the modding is that granular. Hope it is.

arvcran2 -> RE: Spinal Mounts (1/28/2021 4:04:05 PM)

Hull type designs are going to be an important aspect for obvious military reasons in DW2 I am starting to believe.

This would be another new feature of DW2. Does this mean tactical control support is augmented? (micro-management). It was difficult to get things to behave in DW1. Possibly due to the configurable automation features.

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