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22sec -> Baltic Defender 2022 (Scenario)[BETA] (1/26/2021 9:03:14 PM)

As always, love any feedback. You will need to add the folder named 'Baltic Defender 2022" to the game's database/scenario/user folder. You need to have StuartG's most recent (as of Jan 2021) database, and the copy the included StuartG database folder to the games data/database folder. This should override the existing original folder. You may want to make a backup, up to you. Lastly copy the thre rq7.png files to the game's data/graphics/helicopter/us folder.

If anyone has a problem let me know.

US Army vs. Russia
June 2022
Exercise Baltic Defender 2022

NATO Exercise northern Eastern Europe
1) Situation: The Krasnovian army has crossed the border, and its advance brigade is driving on the capital. Elements of the US 2nd Cavalry Regiment, as well as elements of the US 1-98th Cav(MS NG) are the nearest units with any chance of slowing the advance today.

The lead elements of the 25th Mechanized BDE are closing on your position. The S2 expects reconnaissance elements, followed by the first Battalion Tactical Group to attack towards OBJ 1 & 2 by 1700 Hours local. Intelligence indicates the BTG is equipped with BTR's and updated T-80 BVM's. Expect at least a couple of batteries of artillery to be in direct support of the BTG, as well as its own mortars. There have been reports of Hinds and Frogfoots operating in your vicinity. The situation in the air at the moment is still very much up for grads.

You are in command of task force of cavalry troops, mostly from the active duty 2nd CR. The lead detachment of Bradley's has arrived and under your control. The remainder of the Guard Cav unit will arrive after the scenario. THEY ARE ON MAP. THEIR LOCATION IS LOCKED UNTIL THE BATTLE STARTS. IT IS AT THE PLAYER'S DESCRETION AS TO WHEN HE WANTS TO RELEASE THE CAV FOR 'ITS ARRIVAL'.

2) Mission: Your mission is to defend OBJ 1 & 2, defeat the lead Krasnovian BTG, while preserving at least 75% of your overall force.

3) Execution:
On order, you are to execute your defense mission using sound, bold schemes of maneuver and aggression suitable for the legacy of the US Cavalry. Force preservation is critical to the long term operation designed to defeat the Krasnovians overall opertation. Do not lose too many of your troopers.

4) Support:
The regiment has authorized a RQ-7 drone to support your mission. It should be tasked almost immediately to cover the OPFOR's avenues of approach. A flight of two Apaches is also in the area, and can be called in if needed. A battery of Paladin's has been assigned to support your force. In addiition to the guns you have a section of M106A2's that may already be in range and able to support your troopers. Alas, the convoy containing the mortar for your attached Stryker mortar battery was lost to an enemy air strike of some sort.

22sec -> RE: Baltic Defender 2022 (Scenario)[BETA] (1/28/2021 2:13:28 AM)

An error that was causing a CTD when the drone tried to appear on map has been corrected. Revised file in original post.

nanni -> RE: Baltic Defender 2022 (Scenario)[BETA] (2/16/2021 8:36:55 AM)

Where is Stuart G's latest database and where are those other files we need?

Jo van der Pluym -> RE: Baltic Defender 2022 (Scenario)[BETA] (3/1/2021 5:57:15 PM)

The file is missing the scenario files

22sec -> RE: Baltic Defender 2022 (Scenario)[BETA] (3/2/2021 12:09:39 AM)

Iím taking this down until I find time to fix.

StuartG -> RE: Baltic Defender 2022 (Scenario)[BETA] (3/2/2021 6:50:02 AM)

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