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Miletkir -> Talking about characters... (1/25/2021 8:08:20 PM)

Here's one nobody will complain about!


[:D] Who knew this Easter Egg?

ASHBERY76 -> RE: Talking about characters... (1/25/2021 8:58:27 PM)

I see no secretive trait.

Secretcode -> RE: Talking about characters... (1/25/2021 9:42:27 PM)

I always wondered how being a spy worked in such alien worlds lol

Hyperion1 -> RE: Talking about characters... (1/26/2021 7:44:33 AM)

In this science fiction universe, I think other race are accepted to land on a planet, except in rare case where the alien race is xenophobic and don't allow other races to come.

But in that case, some plastic surgery, holographic device or simply the furtivity would help.

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