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taffjones -> V1.09 PBEM bug (1/25/2021 2:50:22 PM)

Hi Hubert/Bill

I have just resigned 2 PBEM games against Fafnir.

1 of the games just disappeared, I was unable to view it after.

2 I was able to view the 2nd game but noticed when you hover over the completed game it shows the wrong winning side (Say's I won, only in my dreams [:D])

So I hovered over all my other completed games and they all show the wrong winning side.

OldCrowBalthazor -> RE: V1.09 PBEM bug (1/25/2021 5:47:05 PM)

Hmmm...I bet its a Slitherine server issue. Tanaka and I just completed a long SC-WW1 match last night (PTZ) and Have had a similar..but slightly different issue. So I don't believe its the new WaW patch..but I could be wrong of course.

Hubert Cater -> RE: V1.09 PBEM bug (1/26/2021 5:36:43 AM)

Thanks for the report and it looks like a server issue, I've let Matrix know and we'll see if we can get this sorted out as soon as possible.

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