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Joseignacio -> Hanged after naval abort after combat digression (1/25/2021 1:13:08 AM)

We have tried to go back several saves earlier but when I decide to stay at sea with only my convs, and the allied with his french subs (all others were aborted) , and we replicate our rolls (nobody found), the digression for returning to base starts.

I carry the two old BB of the 0 level to Stettin, the damaged and the not damaged.

Afterwards I try to carry the rest to Kiel but the game doesnt let me select them three, so I have to select two of them and carry them to kiel.

Then I try to select the third one and I am not allowed to select it, so I press the green button.

Next, the screen for that return to base digression pops up suddenly (doesnt look natural at the step of the game).

Then I do that rtb and next the game hangs asking for some action on my part that I cannot do.

We cannot go further, have tried several savegames and when we reach this point and recreate it with the searches and the rolls, it always happens the same.

The savegame is being edited by a good samarian betatester to include CBV of Nankin but I include it for it's checking: https://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=4947227&mpage=1�

Joseignacio -> RE: Hanged after naval abort after combat digression (1/25/2021 1:34:17 PM)

Here is the file, once edited the Nanking militia issue.

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