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Pratapon51 -> Windowed, Borderless FS, Multi-screen support (1/24/2021 11:16:41 AM)

I'd like to be able to put SE on my second screen to glance at and process turns while I'm doing something else, especially on my main display. Windows Key + Shift + Right/Left move the window, but SE's buttons all break when not on the main screen. Please! [:D]

beyondwudge -> RE: Windowed, Borderless FS, Multi-screen support (1/25/2021 8:48:49 AM)

Turns take a long time to process.

There is a minimize button in the menu which might help with the issue. However, I think I saw some issue with a bug where the game would spaz or crash for some people. I would just give it some time and I bet it will get fixed.

Luckspeare -> RE: Windowed, Borderless FS, Multi-screen support (1/26/2021 4:50:25 AM)

There's another workaround in Windows 10 -- virtual desktops. It's sort of the next step up from Alt-Tabbing.

CTRL + Windows Key + D
Creates a new virtual desktop -- pressing this multiple times creates multiple extra desktops

CTRL + Windows Key + Left or Right Arrow Key
Switches between desktops

The weird boxy icon most likely right next to your Start/Windows Menu button brings up an overview of currently open virtual desktops, and you can drag and drop different running applications between then. I constantly use it to separate work applications from gaming and other non-work applications.

This, by the way, is a great way to escape a game that isn't releasing control of the display.

You can keep SE on a desktop of its own, and switch to other games or apps on other desktops at will. I sometimes play Mechwarrior 5 while running turns, though admittedly running a demanding game really slows down the turn processing...

beyondwudge -> RE: Windowed, Borderless FS, Multi-screen support (1/26/2021 1:37:04 PM)

How long are the turns you are running?

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