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zdcws -> "undo" (1/20/2021 4:00:18 AM)

I wonder how "undo" is generally treated by the community. [&:]

FaneFlugt -> RE: "undo" (1/20/2021 8:30:05 AM)

If you refer to MP games then I tend to be very forgiving to another player for using the undo button. I sometimes hit the wrong button and if I do it, then I assume everyone can make the same mistake.

Ive never come across a series of events that I felt was a consistet misuse of the button. I am not saying that it couldnt be used that way, though.

I do feel that the person using the undo button is responseable for the action and will have to answer for their action, myself included, if questioned. So I wouldt get annoyed if someone brought up my use of it. Even if its use was evidently harmless for me. The opponent might not see the mistake in his turn review, but only see the notification.

golden delicious -> RE: "undo" (1/20/2021 9:54:49 AM)

In multiplayer, the undo button is for a mis-click. Classic example is trying to dig-in with a unit with 0 MPs which will instead select "Destroy Bridge". Very annoying, undo.

Solo, I undo all over the place for things that annoy me: my unit got a disengagement penalty from a unit I didn't see in a multi hex move. Well that was just me being careless and shouldn't happen. I wouldn't undo this in multiplayer (and would try to be more careful).

Personally I would say that if you don't trust your opponent enough to give them the benefit of the doubt then you shouldn't be playing them. At the very least, you don't want to expose yourself to being ghosted 20 turns into a match because the other guy didn't like that you're a better player than he is but can't admit that he's lost.

JTFox001 -> RE: "undo" (1/21/2021 7:02:15 AM)

I sometimes try to scroll the map with the mouse button and move a unit by mistake. Undo comes in handy.


KwanzaO -> RE: "undo" (1/25/2021 12:49:53 AM)

I play on a touch pad so easy to click the wrong spot.
Playing alone, no problem, undo all the time
Playing against an opponent I'll let the move stand and sluff it off to miscommunication, fog of war, etc IF it uncovers any of his forces., Otherwise, I'll undo.

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