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DTurtle -> [1.06b5 Steam]Double Artifacts (1/18/2021 4:38:00 PM)

I'm getting double artifacts from ruins again. I know we had this some time ago, but I'm quite sure that it was fixed.

Game was started on 1.06.05 and is being run with the newest beta. I'll send a save.

Vic -> RE: [1.06b5 Steam]Double Artifacts (1/18/2021 4:55:53 PM)

it could be a random fluke?

DTurtle -> RE: [1.06b5 Steam]Double Artifacts (1/18/2021 5:45:58 PM)

Quite sure it isn't a fluke. I looked through the old saves, these are the ones I found:
Turn 27 double holographic freud from hex 140,15
Turn 24 double antigrav lifter from hex 138,16
Turn 20 double subvocalizer tower from hex 140,15

Vic -> RE: [1.06b5 Steam]Double Artifacts (1/22/2021 3:31:17 PM)

Right you are. In fact it was running the test for each type of Items it was scavenging, will happen only one time for .04 !
Thanks for insisting! :)

DTurtle -> RE: [1.06b5 Steam]Double Artifacts (1/22/2021 5:55:34 PM)

No problem [:)]

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