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dominickpa -> PBEM (1/11/2021 8:00:34 PM)

There is no info for PBEM in the Shadow Empire manual, so this question is for multi players on Steam. Does the player starting a challenge decide the set up for the game, such as the planet chosen and all the other options for the other players, or do the others have some options they can make for themselves?

Clux -> RE: PBEM (1/11/2021 9:12:36 PM)

yes, basically the Host its the one who decides everything about the game (except the spawning positions [8|])

If you want a video tutorial, Saros made one

dominickpa -> RE: PBEM (1/11/2021 10:23:39 PM)


mahaniok -> RE: PBEM (1/21/2021 10:42:41 PM)

where do you guys find other people to play multiplayer with? I'd love to play some multiplayer.

also, is there any other multiplayer besides PBEM?

Soar_Slitherine -> RE: PBEM (1/22/2021 12:07:14 AM)

The unofficial Discord server here, run by Saros, features an active Shadow Empire multiplayer community.

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