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Der Kuenstler -> Where are the pngs? (1/9/2021 4:26:32 PM)

Hello all - thanks for the help!

I would like to do a few simple mods to existing png files in this game but where are they? I get it that you drop the mods into the scenario folder you want but how you you make the mod without the original png to modify?

Der Kuenstler -> RE: Where are the pngs? (1/11/2021 1:20:09 AM)

Hello? Anybody?

baloo7777 -> RE: Where are the pngs? (1/11/2021 3:00:33 PM)

The units.png are found in the same place as the scenario files. See the path listed in Alvaro's beta thread. Also you can check out Panzer Mike's counters in the mods section.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Where are the pngs? (1/12/2021 3:14:11 PM)


Game Moddable Map Images link

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