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2 April 42 - Celebes and Timor


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2 April 42 - Northern China


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2 April 42 - Southern China


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2 April 42 - Java and Borneo


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2 April 42 - Marshalls


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2 April 42 - Midway


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2 April 42 - Philippines


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2 April 42 - Solomons and New Guinea


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2 April 42 - South Pacific


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2 April 42 - Sumatra and Malaya


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So, my overall plan for this war was to push hard very early, show threats where there won't be any, take all the usual needed oil areas, and then push north and northeast out of Vietnam into western China, with the goal of cutting off China from Burma. If this is done, I'll then push on the Chinese capital. It will be a tough offensive, going through slow and defensible terrain. The biggest risk will be not having those divisions on the outer shell of the Japanese perimeter. Ground defense will be weak everywhere. I'll rely on the Navy in the South Pacific. I still want the US carriers, but they may not be risked anytime soon.

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2 Apr 42

Drum got a dud torpedo hit on xAK Tonan Maru at Wake. Seawolf got 2 dud torpedo hits on damaged DD Kuri just east of Kendari. Kuri is out of fuel and limping towards Kendari. It will now move one hex southwest instead, as there are still mines at Kendari. A cruiser task force will meet it there and escort it to safety at Balikpapan.

DD Le Triomphant is somewhere northeast of Luganville. It didn't raid Ndeni or Luganville. I was, and am, ready for both.

Palembang was invaded. My 4 DMS's didn't find or sweep any mines at Palembang. CL Kuma and AK Sasako Maru both hit a mine. Both should survive with the current damage levels. Kuma is SYS 9/FLOT 27-21/ENG 0/FIRE 0 and Sasako Maru is SYS 1/FLOT 31/ENG 15/FIRE 13. Most troops have unloaded and will attack the weak defense at Palembang. There are a couple of British base units there that probably came from Singapore. Shouldn't be a problem for a division, an armor unit and a HQ.

Allied fighters swept Tjepoe again, and bombers followed. The enemy has been whittled down in strength, but the B-25s and DB-7s still managed to take out a few more oil.

Total air losses were 3 P-40Es, 2 B-339Ds and 2 Hurricanes, for the cost of a Zero. Oscars are being moved from Bangkok to Singapore. They'll go to Palembang as soon as the base is captured. OPilot has been going after newly conquered oil so it needs protection. Well, as much as some Oscars can protect. Against B-17s, not much. Right now the bomber threat is from Batavia. Once all of Java and Sumatra is clear, the only threat to the oil for the near future will be a carrier raid, which may or may not ever occur.

Makassar was taken. Not critical, but nice for the advance to Timor.

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3 Apr 42

More unloading at Palembang. DMS's sweep lots of mines, but it appears that some enemy subs dropped more during the night. AK Sakura Maru hit one. Palembang was captured easily.

Seawolf got 2 torpedo hits on damaged destroyer Kuri outside of Kendari. One was a dud but the other wasn't, and Kuri was sunk. The rescue cruiser task force arrived but will now head back towards Makassar.

Divisions and armor at Singapore begin to show fake prep for Ceylon, Chittagong and eastern Australia. The units will actually go to Vietnam for the push north into China, but not until after Java and Sumatra are finished.


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4 Apr 42

Lots of enemy mines swept at Palembang. Thresher sank a patrol boat southwest of Truk. One dud and one not a dud.

What's left of the Dutch bombers bombed the 48th Division at Semarang. Over 20 Zeros were there on ranged CAP from Tjepoe. No escorts. Lots of enemy shot down. B-25s were again the most effective. Over 120 Japanese casualties but Semarang was still easily captured. Total air losses were 20 139WH-3s, 10 CW-22s, 6 B-25s and a DB-7, for the loss of 2 Zeros. One notable loss.

Banzai! - Kurosawa, S. in a A6M2 Zero rams a B-25C Mitchell for the Emperor

5 Zeros pilots became aces.

Tandjoengbalai, on the coast of Sumatra south of Medan, was invaded. It is not defended. The 41st Infantry Regiment will take the base today and then march to Medan. They'll be tasked with clearing all of Sumatra to the north. It is barely defended.

OPilot has had subs ready, loaded with mines, waiting for my invasions. Palembang had mines, but more were dropped when I invaded. A few ships were hit at Palembang, so that worked for OPilot. I now see mines at Semarang, on Java. They were probably dropped just before I invaded, but I didn't invade there. There were no mines at Tjepoe, where I landed.


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5 Apr 42

Dutch subs are prowling near Palembang, with lots of targets available. Japanese destroyers are hunting the subs, but didn't get any today in the shallow water. O20 took minor damage from depth charges, and missed Shinonome with 4 torpedoes. Dutch sub KXIII hit xAK Tamon Maru with a torpedo. The ship is now SYS 52/FLOT 62-47/ENG 25/FIRE 41 and will probably not make it back to Palembang, 2 hexes away.

Another Dutch sub, KXIV, hit AO Tsurumi near Jesselton. Tsurumi was empty and returning to Brunei for fuel to move out. It is SYS 29/FLOT 78-13/ENG 2-0/FIRE 5 and will try to make it one hex to Jesselton.

Malang was bombarded by Japanese cruisers, with minor base and unit damage.

Japanese forces continue to chase fleeing Chinese troops on the trail north of Wuchow. A 1 to 1 attack resulted in 1551 Japanese and 1360 Chinese casualties. Another attack is ordered. The enemy may make it out of the hex. Soon, the Japanese will pull back south to Canton and Hong Kong to rest and recover. They'll play a part in the big Chinese offensive in the summer.

Soerabaja was taken. There was no retreat available with Japanese troops at Malang.

Ground combat at Soerabaja (56,104)

Japanese Deliberate attack

Attacking force 27649 troops, 213 guns, 213 vehicles, Assault Value = 935

Defending force 7061 troops, 88 guns, 6 vehicles, Assault Value = 108

Japanese adjusted assault: 653

Allied adjusted defense: 46

Japanese assault odds: 14 to 1 (fort level 3)

Japanese forces CAPTURE Soerabaja !!!

Allied aircraft
no flights

Allied aircraft losses
B-339D: 1 destroyed

Combat modifiers
Defender: leaders(-), experience(-)

Japanese ground losses:
171 casualties reported
Squads: 0 destroyed, 10 disabled
Non Combat: 0 destroyed, 5 disabled
Engineers: 1 destroyed, 11 disabled
Vehicles lost 5 (1 destroyed, 4 disabled)

Allied ground losses:
9202 casualties reported
Squads: 110 destroyed, 0 disabled
Non Combat: 464 destroyed, 0 disabled
Engineers: 12 destroyed, 0 disabled
Guns lost 119 (119 destroyed, 0 disabled)
Vehicles lost 8 (8 destroyed, 0 disabled)
Units destroyed 11

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6 Apr 42

Destroyer Shinonome got 2 depth charge hits on O20 near Palembang. xAK Tamon Maru was hit by a torpedo by O20 yesterday in that hex. The ship was unescorted and still in the hex at the beginning of the day. O20, despite damage, fired 2 torpedoes at the cargo ship. One or both of them hit, and all that hit were duds. Tamon Maru did make it into Palembang's port, but it still may not survive in the size 3 port. It is now SYS 79(+27)/FLOT 75(+13)/ENG 41(+16)/FIRE 10 (-31).

Many enemy mines were cleared at Soerabaja. Still some left.

In the Slot near Munda, Snapper spotted Kaga and fired 4 torpedoes. One hit but was a dud. KB is passing through the Solomons, headed south, along with a couple of AOs.

The Allied air force at Batavia, mostly Dutch, went after the troops at Semarang, in clear terrain. Fighters did sweep. I moved the Zeros out of Tjepoe to Soerabaja, so there was no ranged CAP at Semarang today. The infantry division was badly disrupted but is continuing to move south. I ordered a big strike with sweepers on Batavia for today. Planes will come from Soerabaja and Palembang. The target is the airfield.

Praboemoelih, next to Palembang, was captured. One British base force retreated towards the west coast. 2 units were destroyed. 1/3 of a division will chase down the enemy. The other 1/3 will move to Oosthaven. 1/3 defends Palembang.

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7 Apr 42

All of the mines were cleared at Soerabaja.

Small units continue to land at enemy bases behind the lines. Ontong Java, north of Guadalcanal, was invaded. So was Puerto Princesa, in the Philippines, but it had an enemy unit. Lilys will bomb the enemy there to see what it is. The company probably won't be able to take the base alone.

Zeros swept Batavia at 20000 feet, finding Hurricanes at 25000 and B-339Ds at 20000 and 15000. The Dutch planes took the brunt of the fighting, but Zeros were lost. Sallys with Zeros then bombed, and the dozen or so of the enemy fighters got through the escorts quickly and downed some bombers. More Sallys bombed unescorted but the Hurricanes didn't catch them. In the air, 20 B-339Ds and 2 Hurricanes were shot down, for the loss of 11 Zeros and 9 Sallys. The airfield was moderately damaged and 2 L-18s, 2 139W4-3s, 1 Catalina and 1 Do24K were destroyed on the ground.

The Japanese 14th Tank Regiment captured Djambi from the Djambi Cdo unit. No oil facilities were destroyed. Fighters are moved in immediately, ahead of the base support, to protect the oil.

Damaged ships of note:

AO Tsurumi made it to Jesselton. It is reducing its fires, so it may survive. It is currently SYS 34(+2)/FLOT 78(+1)/ENG 2/FIRE 1(-3).

xAK Tamon Maru made it back to Palembang. It has put its fires out. It is SYS 80(+1)/FLOT 75/ENG 41/FIRE 0(-10).

Plans are being made for a para drop to the Andaman Islands. Port Blair is defended by just one small unit. Would spare me the risk of sending ships into the Indian Ocean. The paras would be pulled out and back to Burma before the Chinese offensive, and they will play a part in China.

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8 Apr 42

Nells attacked the base force on Port Blair, but were surprised by 6 Fulmars overhead. 9 Nells were shot down. Good recon of the base shows no fighters there, so there's a Brit carrier nearby. Search range for the Nells, at Bangkok, is extended to try to find the carrier.

Dutch bombers try their luck at Semarang again, after seeing the Zeros pull out of nearby Tjepoe. But I moved Zeros to Semarang yesterday, and they shot down some bombers. 4 CW-22s, 2 B-25s and 1 L-212 were shot down.

The first tanker convoy for Palembang is leaving Singapore today. I need to start pulling out fuel and oil. Mostly fuel. It is at capacity for the base. I'll just send it to Singapore for now. More permanent convoys will be set up once Java and Sumatra are cleared.

Mini-KB and slow battleships have been repairing at Singapore. I could move them north into the Indian Ocean, or south to support moves on Ambon and Timor. I chose to move them south, so they are now heading to Soerabaja. I have very limited goals in the Indian Ocean. Port Blair, and that's about it. I want to clear everything north of Australia, and the northern Australian bases. And Horn Island.

The "big" plan is the Chinese offensive, and I want to use as much as possible for that. But that is still months away.

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9 Apr 42

Zeros swept Norfolk Island. I do this occasionally and sometimes bomb with Sallys. No CAP there for awhile. It appears that multiple subs are there daily. They may be bringing in supply.

Japanese cruisers bombarded Horn Island and accidentally stayed. There is only one unit there but it is a coastal gun unit, the Torres Strait Fortress. Some minor hits on cruisers, nothing to worry about. Horn is a size 1 airbase, and the closest bigger base is well to the south in Australia, so little threat to the ships. They'll return to Rabaul to rearm. They did just miss a few ships that passed through the straits northbound, just ahead of the bombardment. Type unknown.

Bandjermasin and Sampit were invaded. Sampit is empty. Bandjermasin is not. Bombers will identify what is there today. Donggala was captured on Celebes.

A clash of titans occurred at Puerto Princesa. The Japanese 6th Indpt SNLF Coy attacked the Palawan Constab Battalion.

Ground combat at Puerto Princesa (73,83)

Japanese Deliberate attack

Attacking force 420 troops, 0 guns, 0 vehicles, Assault Value = 16

Defending force 375 troops, 0 guns, 0 vehicles, Assault Value = 15

Japanese adjusted assault: 15

Allied adjusted defense: 10

Japanese assault odds: 1 to 1 (fort level 0)

Japanese Assault reduces fortifications to 0

Combat modifiers
Defender: terrain(+), leaders(-), experience(-)
Attacker: leaders(+)

Assaulting units:
6th Indpt SNLF Coy

Defending units:
Palawan Constab Battalion

No losses for either side. Some Lilys will bomb today. The Japanese have supply. The enemy will run out. The base will be taken, sooner or later.

2 enemy units were pushed out of Lahat, near Palembang. Part of the Japanese 5th Division will follow and finish them off.

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10 Apr 42

Japanese minesweepers took a look at Banjoewangi, at the southern tip of Java, and they found and swept the mines there. This opens up the straits there. I'm sending a cruiser force from Soerabaja to hit Denpassar, a size 3 airbase nearby. Battleships at Soerabaja will bombard the adjacent mountain hex of Malang.

B-17s bombed the port at the dot base of Erromango, east of New Caledonia. I have an AV there and there are search planes at the base. OPilot is either guessing or he spotted something there. The AV wasn't hit. I'll take a chance that he is guessing and will leave the ship there.

Kates from mini-KB hit and sank HDML P 4 at Tjilatjap. 2 Hurricanes were on ranged CAP and shot down an escorting Zero.

An empty Munda is invaded, as is Ternate and Sampit.

A Dutch unit is destroyed west of Djambi on Sumatra. The 14th Tank Regiment will continue north to clear west coast bases.

Medan is captured. None of the oil facilities or refinery were damaged.

Puerto Princesa is attacked again. 42 enemy casualties. The base will be taken.

On Celebes, the 42nd Naval Guard chased down the Makassar RK Cdo at Watampone and destroyed it there, taking the base. One Dutch unit remains north of Watampone.

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11 Apr 42

Yamashiro, Fuso and Nagato, with escorts, bombarded Malang. Poor result with just minor base damage and only 86 casualties. About 120 enemy AV at Malang, in the mountains.

Old light cruiser Kashii and 2 DDs bombarded Bandjermasin, getting about the same results as the battleships did at Malang.

4 cruisers and 8 destroyers bombarded Denpassar, causing moderate base damage. No ships or planes there.

The first ground attack at Bandjermasin came off at 1 to 2 odds with 24 Japanese casualties and 1 enemy gun destroyed. Another part of the 124th Infantry Battalion will land today to reinforce.

Puerto Princesa was captured, causing 423 casualties and destroying the Palawan Constab Battalion. Undefended Ternate was also captured.

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12 Apr 42

Enemy aircraft appeared at Cheribon, on the coast south of Batavia. OPilot swept the hex yesterday, but I had no ranged CAP there. There wasn't any when the P-40s and Hurricanes swept, nor when the bombers hit the 2 armored units that took Cheribon today. One tank unit is badly disrupted. Today I moved some Zeros to Cheribon, with a base support unit to arrive in a couple of days.

27 Kates and 18 Vals bombed Norfolk Island, coming from KB. Many other bombers didn't fly. 2 Vals were lost to flak, and airbase damage was light. An enemy cruiser force was spotted west of Melbourne by a Glen. Melbourne has been empty for awhile. I suspect this is the cruiser TF that wiped out my xAP TF at Namlea. It's about the right amount of time for the ships to go around Australia. KB will move a bit west towards Australia. Catalinas will probably spot them again, but if not, they'll linger in the area and wait for those cruisers.

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13 Apr 42

Dutch sub O24 missed I-159 with 2 torpedoes near Ambon.

Watching the red flight route lines for enemy planes from yesterday, it appeared that enemy planes that had been based at Batavia had moved to Tjilatjap. Sallys with Zeros attacked, finding no CAP. P-40s and Hurricanes were damaged on the ground. A couple were destroyed. The runway had minor damage.

Bandjermasin, on Borneo, was captured. A part of the 124th Infantry Battalion will follow the enemy onto the jungle trail.

KB was not spotted and will drift a hex to the west, between Noumea and Brisbane. Mini-KB and slow battleships will leave Balikpapan and head towards Namlea, ready to start bombarding Ambon. The division that is at Kendari will invade Ambon sometime soon, after some bombardments.

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14 Apr 42

I-123 spotted the dreaded French destroyer Le Triomphant southeast of Suva. The sub fired 2 torpedoes at the destroyer but missed. Le Triomphant hit I-123 with a depth charge in return. Le Triomphant was escorting AKE William R. Gibson, probably going to Suva.

I have shipping at Wake Island, trying to pick up the very nice Wake coastal gun unit that recently appeared there. I want to use the unit elsewhere. The guns are big, however, and with just a size 1 port, it isn't easy to lift them out. I brought a port unit in just to help with the loading. The most effective method seems to be an amphibious TF. I'm using mostly small xAKLs. They seem to be able to pick up a single big gun per day. This is dangerous work though. 2 enemy subs are there. Drum hit AMC Saigon Maru with a torpedo, but it was a dud. The AMC just finished dropping off the port unit.

The enemy air on Java concentrated on a clear terrain hex northeast of Tjilatjap. Enemy fighters did well against Zeros on range CAP, Zeros with average pilots in them. Bombers hit the only ground unit there, an artillery unit. The enemy may try to move to this hex from Tjilatjap to cut off my troops at Cheribon, but this won't work. 2 Japanese divisons are about to arrive in the hex. In the mean time, Japanese armor has cut the rail line north out of Tjilatjap.

Lots of enemy fighters have been at Hengyang for a couple of days, after I bombed there. Lots of Oscars will sweep it today.

Madjene, on Celebes, is captured.

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15 Apr 42

I did a big Oscar sweep of Hengyang, but the enemy fighters had moved out.
Sallys and Bettys bombed Norfolk Island. KB is spotted to the west. It will pull back to the north. Big xAK convoy spotted east of Melbourne. If Noumea was a big port with lots of fuel, I'd consider having KB sprint south to hit the convoy as it heads towards New Zealand.

Interesting that enemy ships dropped off a small unit at Ramree Island in Burma. That is still behind the lines, with the Japanese holding Rangoon and Pegu but none of the bases north yet. Units are still moving towards Moulmein from Thailand. I will have 4 Japanese divisions and 2 Thai divisions for the push north into Burma.

Mini-KB and battleships are moving towards Namlea to bombard Ambon. Ships are moving towards Kendari to pick up the infantry division slated to invade Ambon. Enemy ships are spotted at Koepang. A big Japanese cruiser force is now west of Koepang, but they were spotted. They are ordered to bombard Koepang and attack any ships still there. But with surprise gone, there won't be any ships at Koepang today.

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16 Apr 42

Cruisers Maya, Myoko, Natori and Tama moved to Koepang with 7 destroyers. Only torpedo boats were spotted. 2 TMs were sunk during the night. The task force then did an effective bombardment of Koepang, causing heavy damage to the airfield and damaging Catalinas and Do-24Ks. Moderate damage to the port. If there were any other ships at Koepang, they left when the Japanese were spotted to the west yesterday. During the day, the TMs were encountered again but the Japanese didn't want to fight.

6 LB-30s bombed Adak Island in the Aleutians. No damage. There is some flak there.

Battleships will bombard Ambon Island today. AKEs have moved to Kendari so that the bombardments will repeat often, preparing for invasion. Ambon has tough CD guns, so some patience is worthwhile.


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Considering that I've opened this and my previous AARs with lyrics to "Here I Go Again", I should mention the passing of Tawny Kitaen, who appeared in the video for that Whitesnake song. We are all getting old.

News story ---

Song video ---

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17 Apr 42

Dutch sub O16 spotted 2 unescorted xAKLs unloading supply at Sorong. I very rarely move transport/cargo TFs without escort. I did so here due to a lack of escorts at Babeldaob. I always seem to pay the price. xAKL Kosho Maru was hit by 6 shells. Fortunately, all torpedoes missed. The ship is SYS 30/FLOT 22-6/ENG 1-0/FIRE 4 and is now disbanded in port, hoping to put the fire out.

Ambon was bombarded by battleships Yamashiro, Fuso, Mutsu and Nagato. Minor damage and casualties. A few Seagulls and Catalinas were damaged. On the way back to Kendari, the battleships past though the adjacent friendly base of Namlea, but were spotted there by Sealion. 4 torpedoes were fired at Mutsu. One hit and it was not a dud. Mutsu is now SYS 19/FLOT 33-29/ENG 2-0/FIRE 0 and will now head to Japan for extensive repairs.

Enemy planes from Bandoeng attacked Cheribon. Zeros at Cheribon were flying LRCAP over Oosthaven, but found no enemy attack there. Minor damage to Cheribon.

The Japanese 41st Infantry Regiment destroyed the Medan Defenses unit north of Medan. The regiment will continue north to clear the rest of Sumatra all the way to Sorong.

Oosthaven was captured, destroying a Dutch base force there.

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18 Apr 42

Two big Oscar units swept Magwe and found two Hurricane units. The Oscars looked effective during the replay, except that they rarely destroyed a Hurricane. Almost always just damaged them. The Oscar guns are just weak. 18 Oscars were lost while downing 11 Hurricanes.

Nells bombed the Port Blair Adv Base Force, the only ground unit at the location. Minor damage done. I dropped paras on the base, expecting to take it.

Ground combat at Port Blair (46,58)

Japanese Shock attack

Attacking force 629 troops, 3 guns, 0 vehicles, Assault Value = 30

Defending force 652 troops, 3 guns, 1 vehicles, Assault Value = 10

Japanese adjusted assault: 4

Allied adjusted defense: 3

Japanese assault odds: 1 to 1 (fort level 0)

Japanese Assault reduces fortifications to 0

Combat modifiers
Defender: terrain(+), leaders(+), disruption(-), morale(-)
Attacker: op mode(-), shock(+), leaders(-)

Japanese ground losses:
10 casualties reported
Squads: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled
Non Combat: 0 destroyed, 1 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled

Allied ground losses:
8 casualties reported
Squads: 0 destroyed, 1 disabled
Non Combat: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 1 disabled

Assaulting units:
1st Raiding Rgt /1

Defending units:
Port Blair Adv Base Force

Most of the unit dropped. Should have captured it. But what is wrong with this picture? A penalty for op mode. It's almost comical, but the paras were in Rest mode at Rangoon when they were ordered onto the planes to go to the Andamans. Forsaking uniforms for swim trunks, and no need for weapons, they dropped onto the weak enemy and engaged in fierce hand to hand fighting. Now they are low on supply. Almost comical. In normal combat, you can't choose Deliberate or Shock attacks unless you are in Combat mode, but with a para drop, it is possible to do so in other modes, including Rest.

I'll drop another para unit from Rangoon today, and the base will be taken. I double-checked that they are indeed in Combat mode. Only enemy fighters, at the base or on British carriers, could interfere with this operation today.

BBfanboy -> RE: Deja Vu All Over Again - apbarog(J) vs OPilot(A) (5/11/2021 2:46:30 AM)

It's worse than you think - Japanese soldiers did not have swim trunks ... [:D]


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