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Mike Raymond -> Question about photos in game (1/5/2021 12:59:21 PM)

Among the wonderful art from modders, I have a number of WW2 pictures for each side named ADetail001... and JDetail001... but I never see them appear in game play. Anybody know how to use them? They are .bmp files but I was not allowed to attach here.

Trugrit -> RE: Question about photos in game (1/5/2021 2:28:29 PM)

The Game is very flexible for modifying the art.

For the scenarios you just need to re-name a picture so the game engine can find it.
You can also re-scale any picture you want and put them in the game by re-naming them.

The example below is for scenario 1.

The picture that appears in the game is named NDetail001.bmp.
The 001 is the number of the scenario.

If you go into the art file and mouse over it you can see it’s size in pixels.
In this case 250 x 290 pixels.

You can take any picture you want and open it in Microsoft Paint, use the resize function to
re-scale it to 250 x 290 pixels, make sure you have “Maintain ratio aspect” box checked,
Resize it and save it and then rename it to NDetail001.bmp and put it in the art folder.
Paint will let you convert a .jpg file to a .bmp.

Make sure you back up the original picture first.

You don’t need any expensive photo shop software. I just use three free programs.
Greenshot...Free version for screen capture and annotation.
Microsoft Paint...It is free and comes with Windows 10
Microsoft Photos….It is free and comes with Windows 10

With those three programs I can reconfigure almost all the art in the game.


Nomad -> RE: Question about photos in game (1/5/2021 3:08:17 PM)

I can also recommend the free program

This is not the same as Microsoft paint.

Mike Raymond -> RE: Question about photos in game (1/5/2021 4:08:26 PM)

Thanks! That's brilliant, and will enhance the game even more than all the art made by you and others.

Great stuff!

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