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Andres71 -> WIF Update problem (1/5/2021 12:26:39 PM)

Iīve installed the v4.02 without problems but when i try update to MWIF 04 02 01 02 a window tells me that "vclx260.bpl is not found" and "a new installation cocould solve the problem", but after two installations the problem remains.

paulderynck -> RE: WIF Update problem (1/5/2021 6:26:56 PM)

Have you looked in the directory that contains MWIF.exe to see if you have other files with the extension ".bpl". If you find them and especially if you find the missing one, then double click the MWIF.exe and see what version it is. Maybe the MWIF 04 02 01 02 exe got placed in a different directory.

Andres71 -> RE: WIF Update problem (1/6/2021 9:16:21 AM)

Hi paulderynck, actually there are four missed extensions that are show in four diferents windows after doing click:

- vclactnband260.bpl
- vclx260.bpl
- MWIF_TE_2019.bpl
- vclimg260.bpl

All them are in the folder C:\Matrix Games\World in Flames, but i canīt open the file that contains the last update to see.

Andres71 -> RE: WIF Update problem (1/6/2021 4:11:18 PM)

Shame on me paulderynck, [&o] i was tryng to execute the update from the very folder that i donload instead of copy and paste in the game folder, once do that i only have to deactivate my apps and browser control from windows security for a moment, execute the game and then i can activate again the apps and control browser.

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