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PeteS -> No refund police (1/5/2021 10:53:23 AM)

I will not purchase any items from this site. I have just purchased War in the Pacific. It is jumpy, unplayable. I have gotten no help to rectify my problem. I have been informed that no refunds are made by this site. This is unbelievable that you would not refund on a defective product. I will not purchase from you again. Thank you.

zakblood -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 11:03:09 AM)

99% of games / companies / developers use the same policy, sorry to hear your not happy, but it seems your not a war gamers as plenty of very satified customers who have bought and still play what is a epic game in it's class, happy new year and sorry to see you go

PeteS -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 11:12:52 AM)

Steam has a refund policy. So I don't know where you come up with the 99% nonsense. The fact that you don't refund a defective product is unacceptable. I will not purchase from you.

Mobeer -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 11:12:54 AM)

Sorry to hear you are having trouble. There is some good advice here:

Plus I would recommend running in a Window, not Full Screen, when using Windows 10.

PeteS -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 11:15:00 AM)

Not a wargamer? What are you babbling about?

zakblood -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 12:12:22 PM)

thanks Mobeer for the tips and support link

hardly any game here doesn't work on windows 10, 8 or previous versions of windows, with up to date drivers and a bit of knowleadge, all of us can enjoy good war games

good look PeteS, hope it works in the end and your can get it working, if not, ask in there, many players will offer tips and advice and try to help.

PeteS -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 12:15:50 PM)

I updated the game, it made things worse. I have added the -deepcolor setup. It doesn't help. I have not had to do any of this work for any game I have ever purchased. The no refund policy here is unacceptable. Thanks

RangerJoe -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 12:16:51 PM)



Steam has a refund policy. So I don't know where you come up with the 99% nonsense. The fact that you don't refund a defective product is unacceptable. I will not purchase from you.

Crybaby, read the information about how to run the game.

I and many others have no problem running the game that you mentioned using Windows 10. If you would have read the threads about installing the game, followed the advise given, then you should have no problem running the game in Windows 10. Remember that you have to be smarter than what you are working with.

PeteS -> RE: No refund policy (1/5/2021 12:24:55 PM)

So I just received an email from a rangerjoe, his help was to call me a crybaby because I complained about the no refund policy. This is also unacceptable. I have done all of the things advised to try, none has worked. The site mods have only insulted my intelligence and called me a crybaby. When I purchase something and it can't be made to work and no refund is available, then I feel like I have been robbed. On top of that I get insulted by your people.

PeteS -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 12:28:10 PM)

Up yours!

PeteS -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 12:31:33 PM)

Who is this rangerjoe and where does he get off insulting me. Someone should look into this. Thanks

zakblood -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 12:31:54 PM)

windows 10 is like every other version of windows, just better and faster and is without any other comment needed, the best gaming platform there is, one of the reasons it's used in the Xbox.

there many tweaks and settings that can be needed or used to get certain games from running, with advice offered, so far nearly everyone has got a given game working on it, apart from a odd few who have and refused to not use cartain 3rd party apps and programs working in the background which stop or alter or even interfear with how a given game works,

installing as admin, gives 99% of most 3rd party apps and programs the correct permisions to run
running as admin then also lets games and programs use the correct parts of the O/S when and if needed.

without using these 2 most basic of steps, some apps and programs will or could have some issue and are what causing most problems with a given app or program, nothing to do with the app or program it self, so not a bug or bad code etc or gaming error, just a plain and simple permissions issue caused by a incorrect use of the O/S in use.

most use a pc as a platform to do everything on and only start to know how it works with time and use, it's not until something that doesn't work how you think it should that you gain knowleadge to understand that most of the time it's user error or lack of knowleage, and no i'm not saying it's your fault it doesn't work, just lack of knowledge which i;'m sorry to say isn't your fault when all you wish to do is play it, not learn how the pc and O/S works, so sorry for your fustrations, your not the first and won't be the last, when i said your not a war gamer, i meant most war gamers know quite a bit more about the pc and the workings of the O/S as they need to overcome more than a few huddles with war games than most let say FPS players, it's the nature of the beast, and when i say good luck, most don't need it and once followed, morr often than not most guides work well and so does the given game, i've wrote 30 / 40 plus here for most of them

zakblood -> RE: No refund policy (1/5/2021 12:35:14 PM)

no site mod has called you a cry baby, just a member who offered help, yes comments are harsh and somewhat uncalled for, but sites is a tight community and doesn't like it when new members come and say something doesn't work when everyone else says otherwise and then offers support to try and help and fix it for you

PeteS -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 12:35:31 PM)

When you say that hardly any games don't work, then you are admitting that some don't. And you will not refund when this happens? That is robbery.

zakblood -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 12:42:27 PM)

sorry i didn't make it clear, if a game states clearly in the forum that it doesn't work on a given O/S, then if you buy and careless, your out of luck, there are a few games that won't work with windows 10 and are clearly stated as such in the forums

numbers 4

and when they say it doesn't work, everyone has tried and failed to get a working solution and none so far have found one that worked for everyone, so marked and not compatible

PeteS -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 12:42:49 PM)

I have never had to do all this to play a game. I posted to this and just got insulted. I am used to steam, they will refund, and I have not had any problems with there games. I asked for help, I got insulted. I said that the no refund policy is a bad policy, I got insulted. No thanks.

ThomasJay -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 12:43:06 PM)

Steam and GOG both offer refunds, and GOGs games are drm free. Considering their market share, the 99% comment was clearly pulled from a posterior orifice.
I purchased a game here over the Christmas sale that I had to go into safe mode to install. Checking the forums I see others have bought it before and after me who also had to use safe mode to install. So no, it wasn't just my new laptop, and no that is not a fully win 10 compatible game as shown in the sticky list. Had I bought it on Steam or GOG I would have refunded immediately and purchased something else.

Short of a refund policy, I think the store product page should give a clear warning if anything is required of the user to get a game to install or run properly beyond clicking
the install and play icons.

zakblood -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 12:54:59 PM)

sorry to hear of your trouble, i've been a member of steam since 2003/04

had more than my fair share of gaming issues, same as millions on there, over time it's got better, but with a date base of 21 million concurrent users, it's had more than enough time, resources and changes and builds to grow and develop to what it is now, on almost every game released, there are plenty of people each and every day that can't get a given game to work, lets pick the top 1 game there atm, and check there support forums shall well?

997,643 it's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO - Competitive Cooldowns and Bans 2943131, with a high 70+% being end user errors causing the issue, ban or cool down, so add this to the daily player base and it seems most players at one stage or another has been cut off, kicked out and or banned without any real reason or own fault for user errors, with the other 30% being cheaters or one sort or another or going against the rules etc etc

so good you have had no steam errors, your lucky, plenty can't say the same thing, that's why the steam forums are full of support and bug reporting forum sections for almost every game on there.

PeteS -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 12:57:17 PM)

Thank you ThomasJay, You are the only one to respond with at least some respect. I have spent money here, and I deserve that at least. You might teach some of these others about how to speak to people. I have tried many of the fixes that have been suggested. I will try more. It seems I have no choice but to try even more, or I am just out the money. As far as Rangerjoe, he isn't a mod I guess, but he ought to shut his mouth, he is making you all look like a bunch of jack asses. Thank you

PeteS -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 1:04:38 PM)

By the way zak, rangerjoe did not offer to help. He just shot his mouth off.

PeteS -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 1:26:59 PM)

My point is simply this. If I have issues on other sites (even if it is user error) I can at least get my money back. Can you understand this?

PeteS -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 1:58:36 PM)

So, no responses?

zakblood -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 2:41:48 PM)

sorry was busy elsewhere, it's not my call to make, some place do refunds, others don't

steam and epic games do,

others don't,

i don't make the rules, i'm sorry to say and refunds are always a hard call to make, without knowing your hardware and what software your running and using eeg loaded at the time, it's hard to say for sure what reasons there are for it not working, the list is too long, as anything that can be installed on a pc can conflict with anything else.

the game forum is the best place for game related questions, where plays of the game in question can give and offer advice, if and only then it doesn't work, then something else is in the mix for a reason why it doesn't work, installing is safemode is a last resort and then normal shows that something loaded at time of playing is causing something to stop or alter the game from running.

ThomasJay -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 3:45:19 PM)


I honestly don't know what cooldowns and bans in a multiplayer game on steam has to do with getting a refund for a new purchase that wont run without the user making alterations to the game files. Apples and oranges imho. A more relevant Steam example; I bought IL2 Cliffs of Dover on a whim on sale there a couple of years ago when I was on Win 8.1 Turns out it wouldn't launch in 8.1 without fiddling with files. I couldn't be bothered with that so got it refunded immediately. How many people were playing it or willing to go through the steps to run it was irrelevant.

A new customer browsing the Matrix store page is not going to know they need to check the Windows 10 compatibility list and game specific tech support forums before determining if the game they're interested in is even going to install and run 'straight out of the box'.

A prominent warning on the store page that a game requires user alterations to run correctly with a hyperlink to the relevant tech info could be a fair solution. Then the potential buyer can determine if they have the ability or desire to go through with it to play the game. Either that or give limited refunds.

Lobster -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 4:37:50 PM)

To be entirely fair there are legions who would take advantage of a refund policy that was so open ended as what is alluded to here. GOG tried it. People were posting about how they would buy a game, claim it didn't work or something equally untrue. Then they claimed they would demand a refund, get the refund, yet continue to play the game. Obviously GOG ceased to use this refund policy. So there is precedence for how badly an open refund policy is abused.

Steam, on the other hand, can prevent you from using a game you received a refund on. Now if you want Matrix to shell out the bucks to establish a Steam like platform fine. You can ask. But there would likely be a cry out from the vast majority of people who buy Matrix/Slitherine products. However, you can buy their products on Steam and have your refund potential if the product is available there.

To complain about Matrix/Slitherine not having an open refund policy like GOG tried and failed with isn't exactly fair.

PeteS -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 6:43:16 PM)

Who said anything about an open ended refund policy? If you don't have the facility to make it possible for people to get their money back if something is unable to be made to work, then you should absolutely make it that way. That is what is fair. Fair? Fair to whom? I am out the money and you want to talk about fair? More nonsense from you people. What legion of people might do has nothing to do with me. I have gotten nothing from this place but insults and condescension.
I have read the read me file, I tried the extensions and troubleshooter, still nothing.

zakblood said "sorry to see you go" then he tried to talk some bullshit to me and said 99% of sites don't give refunds.
Then some clown rangerjoe shot his mouth off. By the way rangerjoe, **** you.

Zovs -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 7:15:38 PM)



Your negativity is not helping any.

In 22 years of purchasing Matrix Games, I have never even thought about a refund.

The community is pretty great at helping folks solve PC and war game issues. But when you pop in here and start insulting the company, the people that work for the company and those that enjoy the games, well, I can see why no one is interested in helping you. Your not getting off to a good start with your bad attitude and cursing others out.

Sounds to me like your problem is getting WitP-AE to work, there is a dedicated and very helpful thread of die hard WitP-AE folks, perhaps you should ask your questions there and I am sure someone will help you within a few days.

Good luck and best to you.

Lobster -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 7:29:11 PM)

Most sites do not give refunds. Even if you bought it at a brick and mortar store and broke the plastic seal you would not get a refund. No one knows you or if you can be trusted. Mind reading is not a thing. Do as Zovs says. If you are really serious about playing the game you can get your issue fixed. If you only care about a rant then no one can help you. Sorry. Have a nice day. [;)]

PeteS -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 7:54:57 PM)

You will keep my money, you are no better than common thieves.

Mobeer -> RE: No refund police (1/5/2021 8:21:07 PM)


Most sites do not give refunds. Even if you bought it at a brick and mortar store and broke the plastic seal you would not get a refund. No one knows you or if you can be trusted. Mind reading is not a thing. Do as Zovs says. If you are really serious about playing the game you can get your issue fixed. If you only care about a rant then no one can help you. Sorry. Have a nice day. [;)]

Not really true of shops - you can take items back for refund much more easily on the basis they are faulty. I have done it before a few times. Refunded games with Amazon as well without difficulty, again based upon consumer rights.

What makes this case more difficult is that War in the Pacific is described in the store as compatable with "Windows Vista / 7 / 8" but not Windows 10. But I am slightly puzzled - War in the Pacific also shows as discontinued in the Matrix Games store?

If you really get nowhere with a refund and originally paid by credit card then consider doing a chargeback - the merchant can dispute it but has to respond.

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