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Iskandar -> My first new Titan (8/15/2003 2:57:50 AM)

Noticing a lack of a light Titan carrying a Neutron Blaster (perhaps I just missed it) I created this one, as an upgrade for my jock, currently piloting a Wrathchild.

Titan Name: Mindbender Medium Range Light Titan
Chassis: Morola L3 Design: Skorn
Weight: 70.0t (70t maximum) Height : 9 [meter]
Bmt : 20 (60 kph) Reduce Heat: -2.07C/sec.
No Jump Ports Cost : 168892($)


Engine :Morola M5 [Engine 5] [CT ]
HeatReg.:Mechlarren [Heat 2]
Flares :FL Small [Flare1] [LT ]
LifeSup.:Phillippi [Life 2] [Head]
Scanner :Triton [Scan. 4] [LT ]
Computer:Triton TC [Comp. 4] [RT ]




[Head] (11) Dullaroy HMAX 018 [026mm]
[RT ] (17) Dullaroy MAX 037 [054mm]
[CT ] (21) Dullaroy MAX 037 [054mm]
[CBT ] (11) Vicenium (W) 021 [035mm]
[LT ] (17) Dullaroy MAX 037 [054mm]
[RA ] (19) Vicenium (W) 025 [043mm]
[LA ] (19) Vicenium (W) 025 [043mm]
[LowT] (13) Vicenium MAX 032 [054mm]
[RL ] (17) Millenia MAX 027 [054mm]
[LL ] (17) Millenia MAX 027 [054mm]

Armor Index: 6.40 [Total APts/T]
Internal: 162 [APts]
External: 286 [APts] Max:[054mm]
Total Armor: 448 [APts]

JOCK requirements:
Piloting: Light Titan
Weapons : Energy
Warfare : Defense Scanner
Skills : Medic

It kind of defines a support titan. It is incapable of directly harming a Titan itself. It does, however, eat away at the pilot, and screw with the systems, allowing a squad mate (in, say an Apparition or a Swift Death) to close to point blank, and carve the victim a new one.....

rosary -> (8/15/2003 9:04:01 AM)

You do know that you can share the design directly as an xchange file. Just export it in the factory.

Iskandar -> (8/15/2003 3:33:23 PM)

true, that.


that would require me to put it up on the web somewhere.

no, wait, I can attach a file right here. neat-o.

okay, included here are two titans for the price of one. The Mindbender, from above, and my brand new one, the Lightning. A recon Titan armed with a Pulse Laser and 2 GME's.

I've used the Lightning in the beginning campaign, and it works very well. It actually is capable of taking a brand new jock, and actually score hits from 2 hexes away. :p (in its first use, it struck a Shadow in the head with a GME from 2 hexes out. It promptly fell down, doing 8 more damage to the head. The Titan never stood again.)

Just watch out for the creeping overheat problem you'll get from over use of the pulse laser.

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