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Robert24 -> Franco-British Union Decision (1/1/2021 6:28:40 PM)

Good New Year Day All,

How can I best craft the subject decision?

I was thinking of two primary prerequisites and a major country belligerency change to make this work.

If the prerequisites for such a decision were the approval of the UK-French expedition to Finland and
an increase in number and duration of UK units in France; might this be enough to allow a Franco-British
Union Decision Event to be presented?

To re-balance the game, what if Germany were presented with cheep USSR diplomacy options to keep
the USSR out of the war for a much longer time?

I'd love to read your thought.


BillRunacre -> RE: Franco-British Union Decision (1/3/2021 4:04:56 PM)

Happy New Year Robert!

A question comes to mind as to what the Franco-British union (one of Churchill's ideas if I remember rightly?) would represent in actual game terms, i.e. would France become part of the UK, or vice versa, or would it just (say) provide an NM and/or MPP bonus to France that gives it greater ability to fight on?

Robert24 -> RE: Franco-British Union Decision (1/3/2021 5:13:51 PM)

Happy New Year Bill!
I have two thoughts on how to do this in the actual game, both are unproven.
First, the biggest unknown I have is how annex scripts function with regards to major countries. I can test that. I will test the French being annexed by the UK.
Second, move the French capital to North Africa, send MPPs from the USA , activate all French colonies and make use of Free Unit scripts for all French units.
Not sure about NM, but there is a late 1940 NM script that does increase NM that I could use.

BillRunacre -> RE: Franco-British Union Decision (1/5/2021 3:55:53 PM)

It sounds interesting, and you're right that something might need to be done to keep the USSR neutral for a bit longer in recompense?

Robert24 -> RE: Franco-British Union Decision (1/12/2021 3:59:19 AM)

Well, Annexation does not work...

; #COUNTRY_ID must be an inactive Minor otherwise event will not occur.
; #RECIPIENT_ID must be a Major country.


BillRunacre -> RE: Franco-British Union Decision (1/12/2021 1:23:46 PM)

Try a SURRENDER_1 script as that is what we use when Poland falls.

Robert24 -> RE: Franco-British Union Decision (2/2/2021 7:18:47 PM)

Good afternoon,

Here is the initial outline for the Franco-British Union Decision

DE 170 Franco-British Union Decision

GV 10:
DE 602 GV10 90% Franco-British Union Rejected. Germany: Create Vichy France? #LINK= 170[1]
DE 171 GV10 10% Franco-British Union Established. #LINK= 170[1]

Mobilization #3 German diplomacy with USSR #LINK= 171[1]

Surrender #1 script, all to join UK. #LINK= 171[1]
West Africa
Equatorial Africa Joins
French Polynesia/Papeete/Noumea/Hebrides Islands (Pacific)
Any Other Islands
French West Indies
Guyana (Fr.) (South America)
Reunion (Indian Ocean)

Additional Surrender #1 scripts for each to join UK. #LINK= 171[1]
French Somaliland
French Indochina

Create Free Units script for French #LINK= 171[1]
Land 100%
Navy 100%

Create Unit scripts for French Colonies #LINK= 171[1]

-Deploy units as UK units.

HQ: Mordant
Corps: Indochine
x2 Garrison: Cochinchina Cambodia
Fighter: Armée Air Indochine

HQ: Darlan
Corps: XIX
Garrison: Morocco
Recon: 5e RCA
Fighter: Armée Air Afrique

Corps: Levant

-Additional Garrisons.
West Africa
Equatorial Africa
French Somaliland

-French Navy/UK units. Ships launched by the armistice sailed to Africa. For the Union they sail to UK to be completed and deployed from there.
BB Richelieu, (launched 17 January 1939 at Brest, sailed to Dakar) deploy (refit) in UK 1941/02/01 (8 strength, no research)
BB Jean Bart, (launched 14 March 1940 at Saint-Nazaire, sailed to Casablanca) deploy (commissioned) in UK 1942/04/01 (8 strength, no research)

-Remnants of 2 French Armies evacuated to England and Algeria.

Comments please.


OldCrowBalthazor -> RE: Franco-British Union Decision (2/3/2021 6:15:52 AM)

Very interesting variant indeed! Nice work too.

Churchill sure wanted it...but the French attitude(s) is the big question. I wonder how many of the various groups within France's government, military, and civil/colonial bureaucracies would be willing to go along with this action?

BillRunacre -> RE: Franco-British Union Decision (2/3/2021 10:32:12 AM)

Hi Robert

How much would this cost, whether in terms of MPPs or other penalties?

I wonder if French collaboration might have been more likely if the Axis held France?

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