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former sailor -> Classic Graphics? (12/31/2020 5:33:43 PM)

I had a computer catastrophe and needed to download a new version of TOAW IV. I can't remember how to set it to run with the old style map graphics. I'd appreciate a reminder. Thanks, Pat

Lobster -> RE: Classic Graphics? (12/31/2020 6:32:11 PM)



former sailor -> RE: Classic Graphics? (1/1/2021 1:05:09 AM)

Thanks. I found the file. Don't mean to be thick but I ran it with no effect. Looks like a TOAW III file just copied over to TOAW IV. It tries to run in a TOAW II folder location. I tried to run it in TOAW IV folders with no luck. In what folder does this file need to run to become effective? Pat

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