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riccardocagnasso -> Odd energy problem (12/30/2020 4:56:09 PM)

I was playing a fine game where things were going quite ok up until I upgraded to laser weapons.

My power consumption spiked of course, but I had plenty of solars and I kept in the green. Still some of my cities reduced production because of power supply problems. All my laser equipped troops also went unsupplied, saying that they had "0 fuel". Almost like not enought energy could be moved by the logistical infrastructure, but in the manual it says that energy consumes 0 logistics.

Any idea?

zgrssd -> RE: Odd energy problem (12/30/2020 5:04:30 PM)

Only Energy/Fuel to Assets seems to cost 0 logsitics. Unit supplies does still seem to cost fully.

The issue is propably that you do not have enough resources in the SHQ before you hit "end turn". Those are all the resources that can be send out to buildings, then units. Anything produced the same turn is too late.

A second issue is propably lack fo storage. Zones try to store one turn of consumption (2 for food). All excess storage is given to the SHQ. But as the energy storage is notoriously small, your SHQ might starve on storage simply because each zone needs that much.

newageofpower -> RE: Odd energy problem (12/30/2020 5:42:41 PM)

TLDR: Build power storages.

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