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VonVolks -> Campaign - Force Pool Question (12/30/2020 11:11:41 AM)

In a longer campaign or Operation, how quickly do wounded troops return to duty / force pool?

My heroic attackers were massacred in a recent battle but although casualties were huge (51 total!!!) actual killed was only 8.

We are playing the GC, and in the 1st operation we played my force pool was totally exhausted by the end of it, so I wanted to get a feel for how quickly depleted rifle teams etc will "build back" manpower...

Also as I am playing US side, will my experienced troops who get lightly wounded return to duty in the next operation etc?

Any info is helpful cheers!

ineffable -> RE: Campaign - Force Pool Question (12/30/2020 10:40:06 PM)

Kill:Wounded casualty ratios are noticeably lower than classic CC. Some wounded soldiers do return.

VonVolks -> RE: Campaign - Force Pool Question (12/31/2020 9:25:23 AM)

Thanks, and any idea how quickly depleted squads get replenished with replacements etc?

SteveMcClaire -> RE: Campaign - Force Pool Question (12/31/2020 4:45:00 PM)

You start each new operation with a pool of replacement soldiers and every night you'll receive more. For the US Army it is about 30% of the amount you are under strength (or a guess at expected losses at the start of the operation.) For the Germans and Italians it is about 5%. This amount is adjusted for your game difficulty setting.

Lightly wounded (yellow health marker) soldiers have a chance to return to duty every night and will automatically return between operations. Seriously wounded soldiers have a chance to return at the end of every operation but have no automatic return time -- so it's possible they'll be out for the rest of the game, especially if only have a few operations left.

VonVolks -> RE: Campaign - Force Pool Question (1/1/2021 7:47:07 AM)

Thanks Steve, great info.... Happy New Year!

VonVolks -> RE: Campaign - Force Pool Question (1/1/2021 8:03:04 PM)

My brother as the Germans has had armoured forces a few time, and asks that what's the rules on Vehicles being available / unavailable?

E.g on round 1 of an operation he had tanks... they did not get damaged..... but then in a later phase, eg a prepared attack on same day, the tanks were no longer available?

ineffable -> RE: Campaign - Force Pool Question (1/2/2021 2:11:40 PM)

Each map in an operation or campaign has its own main force and support OOB for the Axis, and a different support OOB for the US. Only the US main force OOB is persistant in battles on different maps.

VonVolks -> RE: Campaign - Force Pool Question (1/2/2021 3:56:05 PM)

Thanks Ineffable, so are you saying its random the allocation of forces for Axis (as my bro is playing Germans)?

He had selected some tanks in one of the operations and even though they were not damaged through use in the encounter, they were no longer available in the next battle? (same map)

He wants to know if he can "plan" for availability for operations, as his confidence was shaken when his armour resources disappeared for no apparent reason.....

Is there any sort of methodology to things like that?

ineffable -> RE: Campaign - Force Pool Question (1/2/2021 4:38:20 PM)

Force allocation for the Axis isnt random. In fact, you can cycle thru all the single battles to see what's available to each side, at each difficulty, on each map. AFAIK, undamaged vehicles shouldnt disappear from the unit roster between battle on the same map. However, there may be 'hidden' vehicle damage that was only indicated by those floating damage icons. Im not sure that hull damage gets visibly noted anywhere other than at the time the icon is seen.


SteveMcClaire -> RE: Campaign - Force Pool Question (1/4/2021 9:49:37 PM)

Likely the vehicles were damaged or lost crew members that couldn't be replaced. I will look at adding indicator icons (like the low morale / low strength / low ammo icons) to help make this more obvious in the post-battle soldier screen.

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