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rebon -> Game time (12/28/2020 5:54:55 PM)

Hello Guy’s
Just got the game, feeling my way around it, I have a question though.
The game time setting starts at 15min, I would like to reduce the time.
So my question is, is there a mod or any way I can do that?


CGGrognard -> RE: Game time (12/29/2020 3:26:07 PM)

Before starting a battle, or campaign you can adjust the battle times in the Settings which will be on the right side of the map. Timing for a battle can be adjusted from 15-60 minutes. From my experience, I set the timer to 20 minutes with all the Battle End Conditions checked. I've found that 15 minutes is too short in most battles, and 60 minutes is too long. I'm certain you could create a mod to reduce the timer, but I don't think the battles would play well.

If you're looking for mods (BTW, they don't affect the timer), check in this forum for Nomada_Firefox, or his website FirefoxCCMods.

rebon -> RE: Game time (12/29/2020 5:44:03 PM)

Thank you for the information, I would just like to reduce the game time lower than 15min, just like shorter battles.

ineffable -> RE: Game time (12/30/2020 10:18:26 PM)

This time hack only works on newly created campaign and operation save files.
1. Set game timer to 15 minutes.
2. Start and name new campaign or operation.
3. Close TBF
4. Open C:\...\Documents\My Games\CloseCombatTheBloodyFirst\SAVES\name.txt in a hex editor.
5. Edit bytes 1C8 1C9 1CA from A0 BB 0D (15 min timer) to C0 27 09 for a 10 min timer, or E0 93 04 for a 5 min timer.

To interpolate custom timers other than 5 or 10 mins: hex value = 1000x(#seconds) in little endian order eg. 5 min timer= 300 secs x 1000= 300000 decimal= 04 93 E0 big endian hexadecimal= E0 93 04 little endian hex.


rebon -> RE: Game time (12/31/2020 11:41:32 AM)

That looks awesome, and complicated (for me anyhow).
Not sure my skill set will allow me to do it :(
But many thanks’ for the reply.

ineffable -> RE: Game time (1/2/2021 2:16:58 PM)

Not much more complicated than using Notepad if all you want to do is set a 10 or 5 min game timer. Find E0 93 04, type the 3 bytes for the new value and save.

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