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georgiabulldog1 -> Fog of War/Great English Channel Turkey Shoot (12/28/2020 2:07:29 PM)

Iíd be surprised if this Q hasnít been asked/answered before, but I canít locate it anywhere. I assumed when playing against AI with Fog of War off that the AI sees all of my units, too. Now Iím not so sure.

Personally, I like playing with Fog Of War off because I enjoy the visual experience, and from many years of playing hex and counter board wargames the FoW just seems odd. I was surprised at how I donít really pay attention to whatís going on behind enemy lines (what all is in England, how the other sideís airforce is holding up, etc.). The naval war is different but youíre just trading one set of problems for another by knowing where enemy ships are,* and silent mode wonít help your subs at 3 supply 100 miles off Bermuda limp back to Vigo because the AI doesnít have FoW either and sees all.

Or so I thought. Iím the Axis and itís 1944 and the AI assembles a massive invasion fleet to invade France, assault and landing boats filling the sea west of England. But Iím sitting in France with three full-strength fighter wings at level-5 research and both the German and Italian maritime bombers! It was a Turkey Shoot. I blasted half the invasion force, and then the AI loaded up more boats the next turn to get blasted again. I literally felt bad about it.

So does the AI see all of my units with FoW turned off, or not? Either way, it seems like the AI would know better than to launch an amphibious assault without local air superiority.

Many thanks for a terrific series and forum! Ėgb1

*That said, after discussion, the AI and I agreed to a local house rule that as the Axis I wonít swarm u-boats all over those packs of helpless American transports in the Atlantic. But I donít think itíd be sporting for me to ignore Overlord if the Luftwaffe rules the skies over France.

Hubert Cater -> RE: Fog of War/Great English Channel Turkey Shoot (12/28/2020 6:39:48 PM)

Hi Georgiabulldog1,

The AI would see all of your units if FoW was disabled, but it is at the same time scripted and may just go ahead with its scripted plans either way. The scripting had FoW enabled in mind when it was developed so you might see some oddities like this if you play with it turned off.

Hope that clarifies it a bit,

georgiabulldog1 -> RE: Fog of War/Great English Channel Turkey Shoot (1/5/2021 6:03:24 PM)

Thanks Hubert -- that completely clarifies both questions! Happy New Year. -gb1

Hubert Cater -> RE: Fog of War/Great English Channel Turkey Shoot (1/5/2021 6:16:50 PM)

Great and Happy New Year to yourself as well [:)]

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