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VonVolks -> .50 Cal Ma Deuce? Why no ammo? (12/27/2020 7:25:25 PM)

I haven't played much but the few occasions I have deployed a 50 cal HMG rtaher than a .30 Browning, I have always seen a team with say 75 -150 rounds of ammo!!!

The .30 cals get 1250 to 3000 rounds!

Even more annoying is that the .50 cal team then say " we wont fire.. Low ammo!" so basically they dont shoot anyone.. and if they do shoot they are out of ammo in a second?

Is there a reason as it makes a cool unit basically worthless it seems.....

SteveMcClaire -> RE: .50 Cal Ma Deuce? Why no ammo? (12/28/2020 4:53:09 PM)

the .50 cal in the rifle company was assigned as an anti-aircraft weapon and generally had a couple of belts of ammo, with some of that ammunition was armor piercing and some ball -- I'd have to look up the exact amount.

When a MG crew gets down to their last belt of ammo they will 'save ammo' and hold their fire unless the target is at close range, or they are given a fire order. This can happen fairly quickly with the .50 cal. It's best used against light armor at short to medium range or as a stopgap MG if you don't have any .30 cals.

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