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mdsmall -> Mobilization rates (12/26/2020 11:58:03 PM)

Is Soviet mobilization to 100% inevitable in 1941 - or can the Axis prevent or delay it by keeping more than 4 but less than 18 units within ten hexes of Warsaw and by not DOWing more minors?

Similarly, what triggers the full mobilization of the Axis minors - Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria in 1940-41? I see that all three swing towards the Axis when France surrenders but what takes them to 100% - and is there anything the Allies can do to prevent or slow that?

mdsmall -> RE: Mobilization rates (12/28/2020 8:15:12 AM)

After experimenting with a Hotseat test game a few times, if the Soviets take Bessarabia and the Axis adjust Romania's borders to benefit Hungary and Bulgaria, then Hungary seems to move to 100% mobilization for the Axis in early October 1940, Romania in mid-November 1940 and Bulgaria in late January 1941. The first Axis turns in which these Minors were 100% mobilized were October 25, 1940 for Hungary, December 8, 1940 for Romania and February 10, 1941 for Bulgaria.

Also it looks like from the beginning of 1941, the Soviet mobilization rate increases 2% every turn (for both sides). It would be interesting to know if this accelerates at any point during the year. Of course, in most games, the Axis will trigger a faster Soviet mobilization by deploying more than 18 units within 10 hexes of Warsaw by spring 1941, in preparation for Barbarossa.

Taxman66 -> RE: Mobilization rates (12/28/2020 1:18:53 PM)

This might help:

USSR Mobilization events

US Mobilization events

mdsmall -> RE: Mobilization rates (12/28/2020 9:42:05 PM)

Thanks, it is good to see all the mobilization scripts for each of these Majors pulled together in one place. The answers to my questions above about USSR mobilization are here. I see they can be found in the Mobilization #3 menu under Event Scripts in the Editor.

#NAME= 1941 (USSR->Allies)
#TYPE= 2
#DATE= 1941/01/01
;1-2% mobilization increase towards Allies
Poland politically aligned with Allies and surrendered

#NAME= Post Historical Barbarossa Date (USSR->Allies)
#TYPE= 2
#DATE= 1941/06/22
;1-3% mobilization increase towards Allies
USSR still not fully active

#NAME= 1942 (USSR->Allies)
#TYPE= 2
#DATE= 1942/01/01
;3-5% mobilization increase towards Allies
USSR still not fully active

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