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BillRunacre -> Merry Christmas (12/24/2020 8:53:08 AM)

Hi everyone

I hope you all have a great Christmas break, hopefully with some gaming time too! [:)]


vonRocko -> RE: Merry Christmas (12/24/2020 9:08:27 AM)

Merry Christmas!

EarlyDoors -> RE: Merry Christmas (12/24/2020 5:25:35 PM)

Season's greetings


taffjones -> RE: Merry Christmas (12/24/2020 5:40:34 PM)

Merry Xmas everyone.

Hope you and your family's stay safe.

AllenK -> RE: Merry Christmas (12/24/2020 6:43:30 PM)


ORIGINAL: EarlyDoors

Season's greetings


Great picture. Says everything.

GiveWarAchance -> RE: Merry Christmas (12/24/2020 7:28:34 PM)

Merry Christmas
I will have another fun campaign with this game and the WW1 one too.

BaggieMania -> RE: Merry Christmas (12/25/2020 10:40:56 AM)

Aye merry christmas everyone


ElvisJJonesRambo -> RE: Merry Christmas (12/25/2020 12:31:30 PM)

Merry Christmas to all.

List of my favorite Christmas songs, by Elvis Presley

1) O Come, All Ye Faithful
2) If Every Day Could Be Like Christmas (well written by Red West of the Memphis Mafia)
3) Merry Christmas Baby (best when opening gifts with your gal & getting primed)
4) Blue Christmas (must be the comeback special live version, or forget it)
5) O Little Town of Bethlehem

Don't Forget:
Awake the Trumpets Lofty Sound by Handel. Best listened when you need an early morning momentum builder.
And He Shall Purify by Handel. Best listened to while driving winding mountain roads in intense snow storm.
For Unto Us a Child is Born, by Handel. When you're in the need of Oboe + Andante allegro.
O thou that tellest good tidings, by Handel. When you need some Alto + decent lyrics.

Happy Christmas, by John Lennon and Yoko. Best listened when you're filling like a peaceful hippie + having a smoke.
Feliz Navidad, by Josť Feliciano. Best done while drilling your 3rd Margarita + baking some hamburger nachos in the oven, extra crispy.
Justin Bieber's Christmas Album. Best when your stuck with young people for this day.
Johnny Cash's Christmas Album. Best when your stuck with old people for this day.
Silent Night, sung in German duet by Werner Klemperer (Colonel Klink) and John Banner (Sgt. Shultz)
French Carol, sung in French by Robert Clary (Corporal Louis LeBeau)

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