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Tejszd -> Beta - Version 1.1.9 on Steam? (12/24/2020 3:35:56 AM)

Noticed there is a post "Open Beta - Version 1.1.9" on Steam?

First, thank you for continuing to patch/update Close Combat: The Bloody First!

Second, what is in the Beta as the post on Steam did not state any changes?

Third, why is there no post on the Matrix forum and file on Matrix/Slitherine Store CC: The Bloody First download list?

ineffable -> RE: Beta - Version 1.1.9 on Steam? (12/24/2020 12:57:57 PM)

Version 1.1.9
• Changing language settings no longer causes the mod selection UI to display.
• Game now pauses automatically when you bring up the system menu during battle and resumes when you close the system menu.
• ‘Extra Ammo’ upgrade can now be assigned correctly.
• Shift+9 / Shift+0 passable/impassable terrain overlay now shows only in the Map Editor.

SteveMcClaire -> RE: Beta - Version 1.1.9 on Steam? (12/24/2020 4:51:20 PM)

Steam has been used for TBF beta updates since launch -- it's a 1-2 week test period just to make sure there are no unknown issues, after which it goes 'live' and becomes available to everyone. The production team has been overloaded this year so things have been slowed somewhat. But updates should be available to non-Steam users ASAP after they've gone through this brief beta period.

Tejszd -> RE: Beta - Version 1.1.9 on Steam? (12/24/2020 5:04:15 PM)

Thanks ineffable!

Thanks Steve, makes sense as Steam has the beta capability already built into its system. Just was wondering what the thinking was for not promoting it here.

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