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chb75 -> weird buildings by AI (12/23/2020 9:34:23 AM)

I often find that AI builds complete useless buildins and also in great numbers, some last examples:
too many air bases i found like 5 all next each others .
In a Siwa, full of water planet, they built like 10 wind traps all next each other.
This last is a common problem, in a 0 value water world ai should not to be able to build it at all.

If they are affected by the economy like a player: this is a killing strategy for them!

anyway keep up the good work!

zgrssd -> RE: weird buildings by AI (12/23/2020 10:13:50 AM)

This sounds like it should be a bug report, ideally with a savegame ready. you should be able to post screenshoots now, since you are above 10 posts.

Keep in mind that the version in wich a savegame was first created in can mater more then wich version is running it. Especially for buildings and Stratagems.

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