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CaesarAug -> Custom units? (12/23/2020 9:33:46 AM)

I was wondering... Iím sure a player can use, say, the brigade or division slot to create a new land unit, like motorised infantry with custom stats. But is there any way to edit the counter or 3D sprite to be used by that custom unit? Meaning that if this is not editable, the custom motorised unit will use the default brigade or division (whichever slot was used) counter or 3D sprite, right? Thanks for any info!

BillRunacre -> RE: Custom units? (12/23/2020 12:05:15 PM)


Yes, the unit sprites can be edited too. To do this you'll need to copy the original graphic files and edit them in a Paint program, and place them within the modified campaign's Bitmaps folder.

The campaign's localization files will also need to be updated.

If you search the Manual for localization it should help, and of course if you get stuck then do ask any further questions here.

CaesarAug -> RE: Custom units? (12/23/2020 1:24:34 PM)

[Face palm] Yes, of course, makes perfect sense! I should have guessed easily enough.

Well, ahem, ahem, actually, I knew the answer all along, naturally...
I was just seeing if the developers of this great game knew it, hehe. [:D]

Many thanks! [:)]

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