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papayeti -> Editor Questions for Custom Scenario (12/23/2020 12:28:20 AM)

Hi, I'm kind of new to the whole modding thing. I've created a simple scenario - not a whole campaign, just a 30-turn single battle. This is a Napoleonic era battle, the Battle of Dresden, and I've almost got it ready to go. There's a couple of things I'd still like to modify. I see plenty of examples here but no central resource for "how to do" certain things:

1) It looks like its possible to change the graphics for the counters. What's the trick to make this happen?

2) This is probably a similar thing: I'd like to change the graphics for the national flags to reflect their actual designs of the period - how do you change those graphics?

3) I've been able to get sound clips of Napoleonic artillery, guns, horses, and I'd like to see if there's a way to replace the default sounds with these (the sound of tanks rolling through the streets of Dresden in 1813 seems a little weird...)

4) Once I have the scenario ready, how do I make it available for everyone? I have a Dropbox account and can just post the download link in this forum unless there's a better way.

I'm seeing this as a stepping stone to more scenarios. I've play tested my Dresden scenario a bunch and I like how I've been able to adapt the game for Napoleonic warfare...perhaps even a full campaign is on the horizon?

Thanks in advance for any help!

BillRunacre -> RE: Editor Questions for Custom Scenario (12/23/2020 12:20:04 PM)

Hi papayeti

This sounds like an interesting scenario, and what I'd recommend doing first is taking a look at Part 2 of the Manual on Designing your own Campaigns, particularly 3.3.2. Customize Your Campaign on pages 271-274.

Hopefully that will help you get started on transforming the scenario into looking and sounding like a Napoleonic battle, and of course if you are still stuck on anything do post here.

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