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mdsmall -> Axis use of Spanish ports? (12/22/2020 2:25:46 PM)

If Spanish mobilization is 25% or higher towards the Axis, Franco allows the Axis to use two Spanish ports, Vigo in north-western Spain and Santa Cruz in the Canary Islands. This normally happens after France surrenders, as that event triggers a 20-25% swing to the Axis for Spain. What happens if Spanish alignment towards the Axis subsequently drops below 25% - say due to Allied diplomacy? Does Franco revoke access by the Axis to those ports? Or, once granted, it does the Axis retain those rights regardless of Spain's political alignment (provided it does not join the Allies)?

BillRunacre -> RE: Axis use of Spanish ports? (12/23/2020 12:07:19 PM)

Spain would have to swing to a pro-Allied leaning for the Axis to lose access to the ports, so they do remain open to them if it simply falls below 25%.

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