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bladesinger79 -> Editor question (12/21/2020 5:51:49 PM)

Less than 24 hours of uploading this game, and I'm already in MUST MAKE SCENARIOS addiction.

Topic: Choosing who has what. Let's say I want to change ownership of Cold War Keflavik station from NATO to USSR after being captured, and the scenario is for NATO to retake Iceland. Now, in the database, Keflavik is NATO.

Question: How do I change this from the editor? I'm not seeing how this is done on my own research.

thewood1 -> RE: Editor question (12/21/2020 5:55:06 PM)

Have you read over any of the lua documentation? I know you can do it there and its how I typically do it.

thewood1 -> RE: Editor question (12/21/2020 6:17:27 PM)

I also noticed you just started the game yesterday. I would suggest before getting too deep into scenario building you go through all the docs, FAQs, addendums, and the pinned threads. I would also take a look at the lua threads for some basic guidance.

bladesinger79 -> RE: Editor question (12/21/2020 6:31:51 PM)

Heheh. Got way too excited picking this game up. You are quite correct, I should go through stuff first. In fact, I'm not entirely sure what lua is. [:D]

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