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slo -> rail road question (12/21/2020 2:43:02 AM)

Sorry for the stupid question, but how can i see how many RR points I have and how many points it will cost me to use the RR?



ago1000 -> RE: rail road question (12/21/2020 3:20:00 AM)

Rail—Land and air units may use rail points to move across the map. This kind of movement uses no oil.
Each strength that a unit has costs a rail point to move. (p.49)

The number is in the top left when you click on a unit.


Each country has different rail capacity. As you use it up, the number goes down. This number is per turn. So if I move the unit in question size 30 by rail, the 100 --> 70. Every turn Germany has 100 rail capacity.

slo -> RE: rail road question (12/21/2020 3:22:57 PM)

thanks so much...

ps...i love your videos....


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