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tfclarinet -> Conquest phase hangs frozen (12/19/2020 7:03:18 PM)

This is version 3.2.

It is MJ41. China is being conquered during the Conquest phase.
When Conquest phase starts, the game displays that Poland is conquered, Yugolaslavia is conquered [both of these happend long not sure why it is telling us that again.] There are some additional conquests in Africa for this turn and then China. Game draws US entry chits for China surrender correctly, all the CH units disappear from the map...and informs AX player that a Netherland naval unit is in production and asks for country to assign it to...and then...the Japanese flag appears as if JP is to do something, but nothing happens. This is point it is frozen.

The AX player emailed the AL player an autosave for Intelligence (attached) hoping this would resolve...but it did not.

File attached. Please help so that the game can be salvaged instead of scrapped.


Joseignacio -> RE: Conquest phase hangs frozen (12/19/2020 11:10:49 PM)

Dont know about the possible bugs/mistake but as for why it shows conquered countries, it may be for your information, because it has relevance regarding partisans and posible new home countries. Just guessing.

In case it maybe because you have a popup that is not displayed in the visible area of your screen maybe switching to a different screen layout can solve it, I am told.

Here is mine (for two screens) if you want to download it and see if you can view that popup that may have the game seem frozen. User Centuur offered his in another thread for one screen. You can open it in the "map view" folder, close to the saved games one.

I am not part of the team, just another user trying to help with what I have learnt but it cannot harm trying it. IMO.

tfclarinet -> RE: Conquest phase hangs frozen (12/26/2020 12:50:06 PM)

We managed to salvage the game. Did this by changing the games save data file to be solo game (first line of data file...change the 2 to a 0). Opened the solo game and advanced it to through conquest and all its problems to the start of a new turn. At this point I saved the game, exited the game and modified the data file to be for NetPlay (changed the 0 to a 2). BTW you must also modify the file by changing the file name to start with NP. I sent the newly created file to my NetPlay partner. We both opened this file and voila...we have now successfully skipped passed the NetPlay games problems...and have continued playing the game. The conquest phase reacted properly and China is indeed conquered as are all previous conquests.

Hope this explanation helps someone else that gets stuck. This is not the first time I have had to create a solo data file from a netplay datafile, advance the game, and then recreate a netplay datafile. Guess this will be my 'goto' approach from now on.

Happy gaming.

Joseignacio -> RE: Conquest phase hangs frozen (12/28/2020 9:48:23 AM)

Seems very interesting. WHere do we have to change the 0 to 2 and the opposite? In any csv file? Want to know just as a backup.

Courtenay -> RE: Conquest phase hangs frozen (12/28/2020 1:29:17 PM)


ORIGINAL: Joseignacio

Seems very interesting. WHere do we have to change the 0 to 2 and the opposite? In any csv file? Want to know just as a backup.

Any save game file. The first line.

Joseignacio -> RE: Conquest phase hangs frozen (12/28/2020 9:30:10 PM)


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