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TitaniumTrout -> UCAV Centric Scenarios (12/18/2020 2:31:06 PM)

Can anyone recommend a drone/UCAV/UAV centric scenario? After seeing the prevalence of drone systems in the recent Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict I'd like to dig into a scenario that, instead of aircraft or cruise missiles, focuses on drones.

MyP -> RE: UCAV Centric Scenarios (12/20/2020 9:47:53 AM)

Perhaps not quite what you are looking for, but a basic tutorial (one drone, one sub):
Uncle Mark's Tutorials - 6 Toledo hits em hard

Twistedpretzel -> RE: UCAV Centric Scenarios (12/20/2020 3:12:58 PM)

The "2022 Pack 1" makes heavy use of UCAV in some of the missions.


The LIVE scenario "Broken Shield 300" also makes use of drones quite extensively.

"Hannakuh War" from the CSP as well.

TitaniumTrout -> RE: UCAV Centric Scenarios (12/20/2020 4:07:52 PM)

Excellent, thanks folks. This'll give me plenty to dig into this week.

Twistedpretzel -> RE: UCAV Centric Scenarios (12/20/2020 5:19:51 PM)

I count the Israeli "Harop" weapon system as a drone, and is actually what is being used in the Azeri-Armenia conflict from my understanding. CMO does a decent job of modeling them, but without more open source information I think it is tough to portray them totally accurately. This goes for all "loitering" munitions. I don't know if I am just using them incorrectly or they are working as intended in CMO, but knowing the limitations after experimenting and they work fine just no real loitering in CMO.

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