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nukkxx5058 -> Total newb looking for another total newb (12/18/2020 1:07:00 PM)

I'm totally new at WITW but I have some limited WITE experience. I will play the Axis. I'm looking another total newbie Allies player to learn the game by playing a GC 43-45. I insist on the fact that I'm totally new so don't expect a fierce defense. If you are an experienced player, please pass, you will probably soon be bored ! :-)

Air model and logistics (and lots of other things) are still mysterious to me but I think the best way to learn is through PBEM++ with another beginner.

- fast pace: 3 turns per week minimum
- server game
- communication on Steam (my Steam name is nukkxx)
- maximum realism (full FOW, not locked HQ support, east front on
- 43-45 GC with more air HQ for the allies.

No lecturing, no shaming, just play the game and have fun !

See you in Berlin (or not?) :-)

Please no PM, post here below. Thanks.

nukkxx5058 -> RE: Total newb looking for another total newb (12/20/2020 4:02:13 PM)

Opponent found on Steam, so so far the offer's closed ...

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