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Delaware -> Hardback manual: how outdated? (12/17/2020 10:32:40 AM)

Hi I bought the hardback manual way back when and never opened it really. Getting back into the game now and wondering how outdated is it by now? I know there is a “living manual” but wondering if the hardback manual is completely obsolete or still worth reading with the living manual on a computer for reference?

loki100 -> RE: Hardback manual: how outdated? (12/18/2020 8:47:59 AM)

the big stuff, how supply works, how to set up ADs, invasions etc are pretty accurate. The game has never seen the massive system changes of say WiTE1 post-release.

You'll need the living manual if you play in a manner where the formulae start to influence your decision making or if you want to understand why something has happened. Big changes are the VP scoring.

Good thing is the Living Manual is clearly set out for the changes so its relatively easy to read across

nukkxx5058 -> RE: Hardback manual: how outdated? (12/18/2020 2:08:42 PM)

When I open the Living manual with Acrobat I don't have the 'Contents' side bar ... is it a problem of setup at mine or the file is built without this feature ? Stock manual has the 'contents' bar.

loki100 -> RE: Hardback manual: how outdated? (12/18/2020 3:34:10 PM)

think its a problem with the layout, its a simple text based PDF, you can click through the ToC but not down the side

nukkxx5058 -> RE: Hardback manual: how outdated? (12/18/2020 4:51:21 PM)

OK, np. Thx

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