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kch -> [Answered] Another Ph calc question (12/16/2020 8:23:24 AM)


Quick question.. Regarding the Ph calculation of AAA, is the lowest probability 1%, or is it actually lower than that? I am just thinking that especially for older, iron sight, AAA, then the hit probability against a maneuvering, high speed aircraft must be more in the region of 0,01% or lower. Think of WWII and the amount of Flak the Germans used, and the relatively few aircraft shot down. My understanding is that the main purpose of AAA is mostly to cause the aircraft to miss or stay away, rather than getting a kill.

Dimitris -> RE: Another Ph calc question (12/16/2020 8:24:15 AM)

Quick answer: Yes.

kch -> RE: Another Ph calc question (12/16/2020 10:03:01 AM)

Perfect... thanks!

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