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rarothl -> Zone of Control(zoc) for naval units (12/16/2020 2:20:46 AM)

I always appreciate everyone's help with this great game.
I understand ZOC for land units pretty well.
However, I don't understand ZOC for naval units.
It seems that some units can attack and move away while others are stuck next to the attacked unit.
Is there some formula or chart that explains ZOC more clearly for naval units?
I looked in the manual, etc. but I haven't found much on the topic.

MVP7 -> RE: Zone of Control(zoc) for naval units (12/16/2020 3:22:51 AM)

Presuming you had no eyes on the enemy ship before moving: If you sail a destroyer into enemy battleship the enemy battleship will automatically attack you because the odds favor it. If you sail a battleship into enemy destroyer the destroyer will not automatically attack the battleship because the odds are against it but you can still initiate the combat yourself. If naval unit has taken part in combat it loses a large chunk of any remaining movement AP which is why the units stick most of the time you wouldn't want them to.

Submarines that are not in silent mode will attack most ships that sail into them with the exception of destroyers that generally have better odds even in those situations. Submarines in silent mode can't attack so whatever you sail into them will typically still have the options to attack or move.

That's just how I have figured the system works so no guarantees it's accurate [:)].

rarothl -> RE: Zone of Control(zoc) for naval units (12/16/2020 6:06:24 PM)

Thanks for your reply[:)]. It motivated me to look more closely in the manual.
I believe the answer to my question is not concerning ZOC but rather Surprise Encounters (p105) & sub movement(p117-118).
That helps a lot.

Hairog -> RE: Zone of Control(zoc) for naval units (12/26/2020 5:22:04 PM)

In the Naval Mods, the naval units do have zones of control that act like the ones on land. This represents the same "friction" that a land unit or task force would experience when trying to fight through or avoid other units. In reality enemy task forces did not just ignore each other, but either fought it out, tried to escape and get pursued or both parties disengaged but each one of these took time and effort.

This is one of the major changes we've made in the naval mods along with defensive evasion. CV task forces are very hard to engage in surface combat. This follows historical fact. Only two CV were sunk in surface combat in all of WWII and each of those had very unusual circumstances. One was commanded by an absolute idiot and the other got caught at dawn by a task force that was screened by some islands.

In the Mod you will not have much, if any, luck in sliding up to a CV task force and engage in surface combat. Quite frankly I suggest that you do not try and make better use your units elsewhere.

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