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tomeck48 -> Soviet Air Morale and Exp (12/15/2020 4:37:34 PM)

What is the easiest way to check on air and morale numbers within an Air Command HQ or a Base? I'd rather not click on every unit in the base across the entire front.[X(] I've tried clicking on an Air Command subordinate units and then Air Groups but then I get all my groups across the entire front. [&:]

eskuche -> RE: Soviet Air Morale and Exp (12/15/2020 4:57:57 PM)

After you do what you did click entries in the "higher HQ" column to filter them for only that entity. You can do this for HQs, airbases, air command, and TOE types.

Shupov -> RE: Soviet Air Morale and Exp (12/15/2020 5:04:21 PM)

In the Commander's Report choose Air Groups then pick the Air HQ in the row of the Air Group you want to look at. For example, if 1 DBAP is in Long Rg A.C. then pick "Long Rg A.C." and it will show all the units reporting to that Air HQ. There you will see just the air and morale numbers you want. Similarly you can pick its Air Base in that column to see the numbers for all Air Units in its Air Group.

This is the kind of functionality that will hopefully be improved with the Commander's Report in WitE2. It is claimed to have improved filtering options.

Another example I hope to see is the ability to filter unit %TOE. Then it would be possible to set units below a given %TOE to Refit.

tomeck48 -> RE: Soviet Air Morale and Exp (12/17/2020 2:42:05 AM)

Thanks to both of you. I'll probably get this game down just before WITE 3 (yes, I mean 3) comes out.[:D]

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