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Zovs -> Steam Workshop (12/14/2020 11:39:40 AM)

Has anyone used the Steam Workshop feature for TOAW IV?

How in the world does that even work?

The instructions on the Steam page seems to conflict with how we create scenarios now and distribute them.

In general if I create a new scenairo (or make a mod of an existing one) I'll include the *.sce and then a folder with the same name for any custom graphics files, eqp or *.col files, but the Steam Workshop guide seems to indicate that you just dump them all in a folder and export it to Steam.

But then what happens?

How do other users get these Steam exported scenarios into their local copies? How would they import them?

It seems like a nice feature to have but it also seems a lot easier to just distribute them the old fashioned way.

Also, how does one get scenarios (or modified scenarios) into the 'official' game?


Lobster -> RE: Steam Workshop (12/14/2020 5:51:47 PM)

This part makes zero sense:

"To modify an older scenario of yours to upload it to Steam, itís a little more complicated, because you have to gather the files into one folder. For an existing scenario like Kasserine 43, youíll have to copy or move the needed files from the Install/Scenario and Install/Graphics to a new folder called something like Documents\My Games\The Operational Art of War IV\Scenarios\Custom\Kasserine 43."

But for a new scenario it's fairly simple. Not really any different than pushing out any other scenario. And when you subscribe it puts the scenario in the folder explained in the example which is specified by the scenario author.

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