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ScooterV -> Supply Chain Max draw question (12/11/2020 2:04:51 PM)

I can't seem to find a clear answer, other than seeing someone in one thread mention a max draw anywhere along the line IS a choke point.

My question is about max draw with multiple bases along one road, or rail line. For example, if I build up Ledo to a max draw of 1200, but Jorhat is still at 300, does that limit anything that could possibly to to Ledo to 300? Does each base along the path need to be upgraded?

Or, for Ledo, would it only take the roads or terrain into account but still be able to draw 1200 a turn?


BBfanboy -> RE: Supply Chain Max draw question (12/11/2020 3:23:42 PM)

From Alfred in a post dated June 2013 (you MUST read the Logistics 101 link):

Your OP is too simplistic if you really want to know how supply consumption operates as it conflates consumption with movement. As a starting point I suggest you read my Logistics 101 thread:

supplemented by the following points.

1. The supply requirement listed in bases and LCUs is an estimate of the monthly requirement. It is not really an accurate prediction of what will be consumed over the following 30 days.

2. The listed supply requirement can and does fluctuate daily.

3. Command HQs add a "secret" 25k to the listed supply requirement. It is well known that such HQs try to draw an additional 25k supply to the base but players tend to overlook it is coded as adding to the supply requirements thresholds.

4. A base will only export to another base if it has an excess of supply. The threshold for excess is 3x the listed supply requirement.

5. A base which is short of 3x it's listed supply requirement may import supply from a base which has an excess. How often it can import is determined by the supply path cost.

6. Supply which moves overland between bases can be lost up to 20%. Again the supply path cost comes into play.

7. Bases with [(2x) + (100)] their listed supply requirements become supply depots for LCU replacements. Hence a base which holds between 2x and 3x it's listed supply requirements can see a fluctuation in its supply depot as supply is consumed in providing replacements. LCUs in a friendly base taking replacements will only draw down supply from that single base but LCUs out in the field or in an enemy base can draw down from any friendly base which meets the threshold and the supply path cost (minimum supply path = 10).

8. Any combat involving an LCU will see that LCU's supply consumption increase. Even a LCU which has no flak but is air bombed, in other words is is purely the recipient of an attack and does not fight back, is considered to be in combat. The additional consumption depends on the severity of combat but can amount up to a maximum of double it's normal non active supply consumption.

9. As LCUs recover disabled devices, their supply consumption increases.


ScooterV -> RE: Supply Chain Max draw question (12/11/2020 4:05:28 PM)

Thanks, but I'm still missing something apparently :) I've read that post, along with many others (multiple supply tests, last round trying to get to 10x, etc).

I'm still not clear on the "path" in the case of those in monsoon areas where each bases has a limit. Not what it requests, or what I may set it to if higher, but the max daily draw where it says "Supply(max 300)". If another base along the same road has "Supply(max 1200)" is it limited to 300 daily regardless?

Thanks again though! Had I not read yours, and many others I'd not have a grasp of the rest of it either. Nor would I have been entertained over all the back and forth over a base trying for 10x and all the arguing about it, lol.

BBfanboy -> RE: Supply Chain Max draw question (12/11/2020 4:59:19 PM)

The maximum is based on base size, so the draw at one base does not affect the draw at another base. But if the supply is following one path and it takes several days to fill the pipeline, the lower draw base might temporarily hold more supply than the other base.

Also play with the Stockpiling option for bases to see how that helps them hold on to supply up to 3X their (needs + supply draw). While stockpiling, they must still send supply to units in the field, but not to other bases.

PaxMondo -> RE: Supply Chain Max draw question (12/11/2020 10:12:12 PM)

Read the 101 logistics. really important that you do and understand it.

Then be very cautious with this. Until you fully understand it, it is pretty easy to screw up big time if you are heavy handed. Basically remember that the supply flow in one direction. it is impacted by a lot of variables, some of which you have direct control on, but many you have indirect control of.

The biggest point is that supply only moves when there is an excess. when you start to run out of supply in an area, things can get pretty squirrely quick.

ScooterV -> RE: Supply Chain Max draw question (12/13/2020 3:51:03 PM)



The maximum is based on base size, so the draw at one base does not affect the draw at another base.

Thanks! That was my concern and what I was looking for. How it determines where supplies go all makes sense to me, I was just worried about the max daily movement when max draw bases are all along the road.

While stockpiling, they must still send supply to units in the field, but not to other bases.

That part I somehow missed in all the guides, FAQs and posts I could find and helps a lot. What raised the entire question was looking forward to moving from India back into Burma and having all the border bases built up, and stocked, to provide as much supply as possible.

Thanks again!!

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