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manickennel -> Version 1.19.00 now available (12/9/2020 11:50:38 AM)

Hi all,

We are pleased to be able to announce that version 1.19.00 is now live (you can download here if you have problems updating in-game). The changelog is as below. Thanks for playing, and thanks for your feedback, we hope you enjoy!

  • Fixed a Maritime Bomber error that did not take into account its ASW when attacking a sub (Mithrilotter).
  • Fixed a FoW error that would cause subs to disappear from the screen when they were in Silent mode and within a shroud lifted area after a friendly Carrier would move within spotting range but not adjacent to the sub (Mithrilloter).
  • Fixed a convoy path checking error that did not consider control of Land + Sea hexes when checking for proper convoy path validity (sschnar1).
  • Fixed a combat error that did not have friendly artillery return fire from an controlled Heavy Artillery attack if within range (Mithrilotter).
  • Fixed an enemy raider unit display error under fog of war if the raider unit was a Tactical or Medium bomber (Mithrilotter).
  • Fixed a port control switching error for when a country surrenders as it was switching under some rare conditions when it should not have been (Mithrilotter).
  • Fixed a supply map display error (from pressing the 'S' key in game) that showed an incorrect supply distribution value from HQs from nations above #COUNTRY_ID = 100, e.g. Sudan or similar (Mithrilotter).
  • Fixed an error that had naval units reduced to 1 AP when there would be ice on their current hex, but there was no ice visible on the map due to the 'Weather' option being disabled (Ken Schultz).
  • Fixed an error that had some countries lose their Primary and Secondary supply positions when their capitals had moved (MJY).
  • Fixed an error that did not properly boost an HQs supply, via HQ linking and boosting, in some rare cases when it should have otherwise been boosted.
  • Fixed an error that allowed armored trains or rail guns to be placed upon non rail hexes (PvtBenjamin).
  • Fixed a sub mode change error whereby selecting to set a sub already in Silent mode, into Silent mode once again, incorrectly reduces its action points by 1/3 (Hotzn).
  • Renamed Naval/Tactical mode for Carriers to Bombers (epekepe).
  • User saves versus the AI will now remember the last map position and center on that position when loading the save (John Fireheart).
  • Computer spotting range bonuses, as set in the OPTIONS screen, will no longer include extended spotting of Naval Mines (Hotzn).
  • HQ supply rules, plus boosting/linking rules recap:
    - HQ units, after amphibiously unloading, start at 10 supply and maintain supply for up to 5 turns with a drop of 2 supply points per turn. This is similar to Special Forces, and allows the HQ to act as a Mulberry for an initial landing until further supply sources are achieved.
    - HQ distribution supply:
    - HQ supply = 0 will have a distribution supply value of 3 (previously it was 5).
    - HQ supply 1 or 2 will have a distribution supply value of 5.
    - HQ supply 3 or 4 will have a distribution supply value of 6 (previously it was 8).
    - HQ supply 5 will have a distribution supply value of 8.
    - HQ supply > 5 will have a distribution supply value of 10.
    - HQ boosting can only be achieved if the first HQ has a supply value >= 3 (previously it was > 0).
    - the HQ to be boosted must have a supply value < 5 and is now automatically increased to a supply value of 5 which caps its distribution supply at 8.
    - this will improve distribution supply for boosted HQs that were at 3 or 4 supply (from 6 to 8), and more importantly, will allow them to 'operate' and 'upgrade' now that they are at 5 supply.
    - LOW SUPPLY HQ boosting can only be achieved if the source HQ has a supply value >= 1 and < 3.
    - the HQ to be boosted must have a supply value < 3 and is now automatically increased to a supply value of 5 which caps its distribution supply at 6.
    - Between two HQs, the higher rated HQ receives the boost, the lower rated HQ is the source of the boost.
    - Source HQs of a supply boost to another HQ are now highlighted with a yellow hex outline, indicating they are the source of the supply boost, when clicking on the recipient HQ.
    - Air units do not receive supply from an HQ unless they are attached.
    - Under supplied Air units, due to not being attached to an HQ, will be indicated by a red hatch beneath the applicable Air unit.
    - Under supplied Air units, attached to an HQ but not to the most optimal supply giving HQ, will be indicated by a purple hatch beneath the applicable Air unit.

  • Fixed a 'TEXT' folder file read error that required an extra empty line at the end of the file in order to be properly processed/read (OnlineGeneral).
  • Fixed a Help File launch error (OnlineGeneral).
  • Fixed a unit renaming/properties screen issue that incorrectly added duplicate names to the unit build lists.
  • Fixed an issue whereby HQs that were set to not be reformable, were still reforming in game once destroyed.
  • Added a #VICTORY_PERCENTAGE= line for the VICTORY scripts to be used for tournament point calculations.

    All Campaigns
  • Athens is no longer on a mountain (Mithrilotter).
  • Moved a British Partisan location from Liverpool to Sheffield (The Land).
  • Railway added joining Yozgat to Erzurum to Kars and Leninakan (Captjohn757).
  • Convoys to Murmansk now have the ownership of every resource checked between Murmansk and Belomorsk, plus Vologda, so that the convoy only works if all of these are in Allied hands (mdsmall).
  • The chance of rain in Weather Zone 3 (British Isles) reduced in Fall from 25 to 20%, in Winter from 30 to 15%, in Late Fall from 35 to 15% and in Late Winter from 35 to 20%. The chance of snow in Late Fall has also been reduced from 30 to 10% (JJRambo).
  • The chance of rain in Weather Zone 6 (Europe) reduced in Fall from 40 to 20% and in Late Fall from 35 to 20%. The chance of snow in Late Fall has also been reduced from 30 to 10% (JJRambo).
  • Corrected the weather zone that hex 41,126 belongs to (BiteNibbleChomp).
  • Port and Major Port Sub Defense bonus increased to 5 (ReinerAllen).
  • Reduced the attack values for naval units carrying out shore bombardment against aircraft from 1 to zero (canuckgamer).
  • Manchester is now a National Morale Objective (Tanaka).
  • DE 105 now triggers National Morale scripts boosting British National Morale by 10,000 points if London, Birmingham and Manchester are all in Allied hands and there are no Axis units within 10 hexes of Birmingham, i.e. if the Allies liberate the UK (Cpuncher).
  • Providing Moscow is in Allied hands, Germany has not surrendered and the US is in the war, then from January 1943 the USSR will receive 100 National Morale points per turn, in addition to the one-off boost they receive at this time (Jackmck).
  • If the British lose Egypt and are driven from it, but then manage to retake Cairo their National Morale will be boosted by 5,000 points (Marcinos1985; pjg100).
  • French liberation helper providing a liberated France with MPPs will now only fire if there are no Axis units within 3 hexes of Paris (Mithrilotter).

    1939 Campaign
  • The British Fighter that arrives on the 1st May 1940 now deploys at Birmingham rather than Oxford (Cpuncher).
  • German Decision DE 601 to seize Denmark is no longer contingent on France’s status and it will also now only fire in April 1940 (Aussiematto).
  • The Treaty Ports will now return to belonging to Ireland if Ireland joins the Axis or Allies (The Land).

    1939 and 1940 Campaigns
  • Added alternative deployment locations to the USSR's Baltic Front units, and removed their link to the Baltic States Decision Event. Also added alternative locations to the UNIT script for the Soviet Baltic fleet (pjg100).
  • Added a Free Unit script for the Dutch navy to fight on after the fall of the Netherlands (Sgt. York).
  • Dummy Decisions DE168 and DE 169 added to deploy the 7th Armoured in the UK if London or Alexandria are in Axis hands (Cpuncher).
  • The French National Morale script entitled ‘France - German Blitzkrieg’ now requires there to be 2 Axis units within 1 hex of Verdun to fire, whereas previously only 1 was required (Taifun).
  • Limerick will now return to Ireland if Ireland joins the Axis or Allies (The Land).
  • German AI may now invest in diplomacy to swing a neutral but pro-Allied Finland towards the Axis (Mithrilotter).
  • Mobilization_2 script for Italy amended so they now have a 33% chance per turn of swinging 15-25% towards the Axis if there are 2 Allied Amphibious Transports within 30 hexes of Syracuse Port, or 7 or more Allied naval units within 18 hexes of Syracuse Port (OldCrowBalthazor).

    1939; 1940 and 1941 Campaigns
  • Corrected DE 405 for the USSR to form I Polish Corps as previously it was referring to DE 400 (crispy131313).

    1943 & 1944 Campaigns
  • Greatly reduced the chance of the AI building some naval unit types (usual2020).

  • OldCrowBalthazor -> RE: Version 1.19.00 now available (12/9/2020 5:50:06 PM)

    Nice improvements of an already great game....thank you! [:)]

    mdsmall -> RE: Version 1.19.00 now available (12/9/2020 10:54:06 PM)

    The new railroad in eastern Turkey is going to be game changer if Turkey enters the war on either side, as there is now a rail connection from Ankara to Baku and beyond. That will greatly intensify the potential impact of any offensives in this region between Turkey and the USSR. Both sides can now send reinforcements by rail to this formerly remote region and cities towns along the rail line can be connected back to a friendly Major Capital or Industrial Center to achieve maximum supply. It gives both sides a good reason to invest in diplomacy vis-a-vis Turkey.

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