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Pratapon51 -> Lasers make Gauss and Charged Gauss entirely Pointless (12/7/2020 6:24:31 AM)

This has been stated before in other suggestion posts. Lasers are far too big a Firepower jump over Gauss and Charged Gauss, as well as conventional guns. There's no reason at all to research Gauss weaponry when Lasers do not cost ammunition and have 2-3x the firepower potential, and that's without the future energy weapons techs.

I suggest Laser Rifles and Guns might be... (any or all of the following)
moved further down the tech tree, or
be more expensive to field (either logistically or base cost), or
receive penalties in heavy atmospheric conditions, or
see a firepower nerf and change the next tier of energy weapons to Laser level.

One other suggestion I might pose is adding non-infantry Gauss Weapons that are also unlocked with the tech [:D]. Tank coilguns, aircraft guns, and AA guns definitely ought to be on the nice-to-have list, and provide a stronger counter to liquid-armored enemies.

Clux -> RE: Lasers make Gauss and Charged Gauss entirely Pointless (12/7/2020 8:10:38 PM)

Its been asked since 1 month after the release of the game and its Planned

Elver -> RE: Lasers make Gauss and Charged Gauss entirely Pointless (12/11/2020 3:05:46 PM)

Even just swapping Laser Rifles as a prereq for Laser Guns to Guns as a prereq for Rifles would make Gauss Small Arms have a longer lifespan, and would feel quite natural as the big issue with laser rifles & cannons is probably more a matter of miniaturizing a bulky very high-powered system into a small high-powered system rather than scaling up a small system into a large system where you don't have to worry as much about portability.

But if there's a Planned change in this regard coming eventually, it's probably not worth worrying too much about...

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