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GaryChildress -> Navy to Decommission Bonhomme Richard (12/1/2020 5:49:02 AM)

What an expensive catastrophe. I would think that a warship would be a bit sturdier and better designed to withstand punishment but it seems like they don't build them as well as they used to--unless it was a magazine explosion. I couldn't imagine what would have happened had this ship been in a combat situation. One hit from an anti-ship missile and it would be kaput.

RangerJoe -> RE: Navy to Decommission Bonhomme Richard (12/1/2020 12:49:28 PM)

At those temperatures that the ship's steel was at, it will lose its strength and deform. The ship would have to have all of that metal replaced. That would essentially mean a new ship which might actually be easier to do.

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