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pjg100 -> White knuckle time (11/30/2020 9:26:43 PM)

So I'm Axis, it's October 1941, US is at 87% and I'm trying to decide whether to pay a call on Pearl now (suboptimal) or wait a turn so my flyers may enjoy sunnier weather. I am trying to ensure that I understand correctly how US mobilization will change over the next two turns; I have seen some strange things happen with US and USSR mob so trying to avoid a nasty surprise.

First question: I understand that the US creeps up by 2-4% per turn, and that once the US reaches 90% there is a 1-5% boost per turn. When are these mob increases applied, at the end of a turn or the start of a turn?

Second question: Assuming that the US gets the maximum creeper mob increase (4%) and the maximum post-90% boost (5%), then during the next Allied turn (early November 1941) the US will be at 96% and therefore unable to enter the war. At the conclusion of the Allied turn (or the start of my next turn), the next mob increase will be implemented, at which point the US would be at 100%, but it will be the Axis turn so I can DOW and surprise the sleeping giant. Correct?


ThunderLizard2 -> RE: White knuckle time (12/1/2020 12:55:16 AM)

Is this SP? I'd attack next turn

pjg100 -> RE: White knuckle time (12/1/2020 1:17:00 AM)


ElvisJJonesRambo -> RE: White knuckle time (12/1/2020 2:07:17 AM)

Toro, Toro, Toro. Carriers + Escort Carriers for sure.

OldCrowBalthazor -> RE: White knuckle time (12/1/2020 9:03:18 PM)

Nothing is ever optimal [:)]...

If your gut tells you over your intellect to jump on Pearl a little early and its successful, than it a brilliant intuitive operation..and if it doesn't work out, well, they will howl about your incompetence.

A hard decision indeed.

pjg100 -> RE: White knuckle time (12/2/2020 7:33:04 AM)

Went with gut. Rain in Burma, the Phillipines, DEI, but the Emperor needs his coffee so it's off to war we go.

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