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tfclarinet -> Game hangs up on Strat Bombing (11/24/2020 6:48:40 PM)

It is MA41 impulse 5...Axis.
Ge and Jp take land, It takes Combined
During It naval move the It navy in Malta load a TRN with a Ge MAR and a SCS with a INF div...then all of the fleet but one SCS moves to the 3 box in E Med.
During naval search, IT searches Cape St Vincent...both miss.
So far so good.
Once the failed search is over, game advances to Strat Bombing CAP...and will go no further.
We have loaded various autosaves going back one step at a time till we reached Choose Actions...same thing happens each time.

Attached is a saved file. How can we get the game moving again??

paulderynck -> RE: Game hangs up on Strat Bombing (11/25/2020 6:02:31 PM)

Under the Command menu there is a choice to disable phases. Is it set to skip CAP for strat bombing. It has to be set on a major power basis. If this is a bug it won't fix it, but it may allow you to bypass it.

Settings should match for both players on their PCs.

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