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NorthStarX -> New Scenario for Testing: Defensive Operation, 3rd Regimental Combat Team (3CT) in Nayoro (11/23/2020 5:30:41 AM)

1. Title: Defensive Operation, 3rd Regimental Combat Team (3CT)
2. Area of Operations: Nayoro, Hokkaido, Japan
3. Duration: 3 hours (Time limit is set to 24 hours) - STARTEX: 08 0530I JUN 25Â
4. Playable as: BLUFOR, 3rd Regimental Combat Team (3CT), 2nd Infantry Division, JGSDF
5. Objective: Conduct an area defense to deny the offensive maneuver of the OPFOR Motorized Rifle Brigade

6. Introduction:

End of May 2025, the Federal Republic of Ariska (FRA: a fictional state)'s 1st Operational Strategic Command (OSC-1: FM 7-100.1), suddenly landed in the Wakkanai area, the northernmost part of Hokkaido.

OPFOR 13th Motorized Rifle Brigade (13MB), an advanced detachment of OSC-1 began an offensive operation toward the northern part of the Nayoro Basin in northern Hokkaido. In addition to its organic maneuver battalions, the 13MB has several organic self-propelled artillery battalions and an MLRS battalion, which will be firing heavy artillery on the positions of your subordinate units before the integrated attack. 13MB is also likely to be supported by airborne troops.

You are the commander of the 3rd Regimental Combat Team (3CT), 2nd Division (2D), and must deny the offensive maneuver of 13MB to defend the northern Nayoro Basin, which is key terrain.

As you are outnumbered, you'll need to make the most of the terrain and fight to the best of your combined arms' capabilities. Initially, you would start fighting OPFOR's reconnaissance detachment (task-organized combined arms company) before the battle with the enemy's maneuver battalions.

The combat team is now ready for a defensive operation.
Your staff will conduct a situation briefing for you on June 7, 2025, at 2100i (9 p.m. JST) - (This means that the briefing slides are designed to be briefed at this point.)
(The scenario is expected to begin after June 8th, 0530i (5 a.m. JST))

To play this scenario, it is desirable to have some understanding of basic offensive and defensive Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) for ground forces according to NATO standards. If the situation in this scenario were to be translated to the U.S. Army, it would be comparable to an area defense by an infantry battalion belonging to the Stryker Brigade Combat Team (Though the 3CT has some differences such as the direct attachment of a tank company and artillery battalions).
You could say that this scenario is a visualization of Tactical Decision Games (TDGs), for example, as lectured by the Company Leader(*).
You should analyze the terrain carefully, estimate the enemy's possible courses of action, and design an operational plan based on your assessment.
The operations section of the attached slides is patterned after the so-called NATO OPORD format and MDMP. However, to give players something to think about, the COA approval is made as yet to be completed. This means the course of actions shown on the briefing slides are only proposals from the staff and the decision-making is ultimately up to you.

7. Key Features:
This scenario intends to simulate a regimental-scale area defense land operation of the JGSDF Motorized Regimental Combat Team in Hokkaido, Northern part of Japan.
To precisely represent the realistic land operation in C:MO, this scenario implements:

- Closer to replicate task-organization of BLUFOR Regimental Combat Team based on the current JGSDF structure
- Realistic OPFOR formation in accordance with the current U.S. Army Field Manual (FM 7-100.1)
- Realistic OPFOR Tactics (Multiple COAs of OPFOR Motorized Rifle Battalions, deployment width, depth, and formation)
- Likely Course of Actions options for BLUFOR (You can use Special Action to select COA1 or COA2 before you start the scenario)
- Realistic Line of Sight (LOS) simulation (Using terrain effect script to change probabilities of spotting a ground target)
- Mobility constraints caused by terrain obstacles (Rivers, bridges, bridge sections of national highways, etc...)
- Tweaking of Tanks and AFVs' survivability by Lua script (More realistic armor protection)
- Simulated frequent "shoot-and-scoot" movements of BLUFOR self-propelled howitzer batteries
- Simulated OPFOR's preparation fire before the integrated attack (Time-controlled script to simulate artillery barrages on BLUFOR BPs)
- Simulated raid of OPFOR Airborne Assault on the rear of BLUFOR's Main Battle Area (MBA)
- Detailed briefing materials including the introduction of 3CT's major combat equipment

8. Initial Setup and Scenario Start-up Instructions

(Initial Setup and Scenario Start-up)
1. After unpacking the zip file, store the "Scenfile_and_Assets_3CT_Defensive_Operation" folder in the C:MO Scenarios folder, just the same as other scenarios. Then, store the four audio files in a folder located in the “Command - Modern Operations/Sound/Effects”.
(If you don't store these audio files, you'll have to comment out the commands for sound function, as the artillery script will fail.)
2. After loading the scenario, open Special Action and execute "3CT Initial Assy Position" (this completes the initial deployment of units not affected by the COA deployment described below).
3. Once you have read the operation briefing material carefully, you already have the entire concept of the operation in your mind. Choose a COA (Pre-Positioning A (COA1) or Pre-Positioning B (COA2)) for the combat team's defensive position based on your judgment.
4. Start the scenario.
5. You are required to command your units as the situation develops. Firstly, the battle will begin near the line of contact (LC), so you must quickly eliminate enemy reconnaissance units and deny enemy reconnaissance efforts using appropriate firepower. Note that all units, except for the units assigned to the Combat Observation Post (COP), have been ordered to hold fire and must be allowed to fire at your direction (select the unit and use the "A" key).

-- * "Small" or "Do not show" is recommended for Reference Point (RP) display, as the RPs in the terrain effects script will flash every few seconds (appearing only momentarily in the moment between when the script adds and removes RPs).
-- * You will make great use of the tank platoon as a reserve force and placing them in the positions indicated in green on the map will allow you to replicate the high level of protection and cover provided by the pre-planned hull-down positions.
-- * For BLUFOR's Type 99 SPH (155mm) artillery batteries, a script has been implemented to recreate the frequent movements between firing positions. (This script runs continuously regardless of Special Action, but you can override the firing directions with Special Action if necessary).
-- * A script to replicate the counter-battery radar has not yet been implemented, but the pro-active operation of UAVs on both sides provides an opportunity to observe and strike the opponent's artillery batteries. The scouts of both sides will also need to conduct vigorous reconnaissance against the opponent's High-Value Targets (HVTs).

-- (*) The Company Leader, "Tactical Decision Games (TDGs)"

Download Here
Testing Package 3CT Defensive Operation

NorthStarX -> RE: New Scenario for Testing: Defensive Operation, 3rd Regimental Combat Team (3CT) in Nayoro (11/23/2020 5:48:20 AM)

Here is a slightly unusual test version of the ground combat scenario.
Due to my lack of experience and knowledge, this scenario is still a work in progress and has a lot of room for improvement, but I am a little hopeful that you might enjoy it as a new genre of simulation to replicate ground combat in C:MO.

I have prepared briefing materials as well, I hope you will read through them before playing the scenario.

My intention for creating this scenario is described on the background (BKGD) page of the briefing slides.

Also, when playing this scenario, I think you will enjoy it more if you examine the course of action while understanding the terrain of the battlefield with Google Earth Street View.
As for the location, you can search for "Chiebun-Ohashi Bridge" and you will quickly find the Area of Operations (AO) of the scenario.

I look forward to your comments, critiques, and suggestions.

NorthStarX -> RE: New Scenario for Testing: Defensive Operation, 3rd Regimental Combat Team (3CT) in Nayoro (11/23/2020 6:00:49 AM)

Scenario cover image for 3CT Defensive Operation in Nayoro


Nerconiglio -> RE: New Scenario for Testing: Defensive Operation, 3rd Regimental Combat Team (3CT) in Nayoro (11/23/2020 4:25:39 PM)

I tried your scenario: with 20 hours to go, I've stopped the two attacks by the bridge and nothing more seems to happen.
Enemy artillery and mobile forces are in position up north, not moving.
Should I continue, maybe going up trying to attack them (but I think that's too dangerous and not my orders)?

NorthStarX -> RE: New Scenario for Testing: Defensive Operation, 3rd Regimental Combat Team (3CT) in Nayoro (11/23/2020 5:24:41 PM)

Hi Nerconiglio,

Thank you for the quick feedback.

OPFOR artillery battalions, once deployed in a firing position (FP), will not move forward from there.

Have you experienced roughly two motorized rifle battalions and one tank battalion's equivalents of the attack?
If these battalions are not advancing across the Teshio River after about 40-50 minutes from the start of the scenario, then there is something wrong with the script of the scenario, so I will check again to be sure.

For example, as a way to check if the scenario is working properly, if you have destroyed a total of about 40 T-90 MBTs, then this scenario will not proceed any further.
This is because the OPFOR tank battalion is supposed to attack a little late as a decisive strike force.

Also, due to the nature of this operation, probably the decisive battle would be concluded in practically an hour.
(Maybe I should have made the time limit much shorter..)

I do not have a scoring system in place at this time, but in general, if you are able to stop the enemy's integrated attack while keeping the BLUFOR losses below 15-20%, it would be considered your mission is a success.

Again, thanks for your quick response.

Nerconiglio -> RE: New Scenario for Testing: Defensive Operation, 3rd Regimental Combat Team (3CT) in Nayoro (11/23/2020 6:39:17 PM)



Also, due to the nature of this operation, probably the decisive battle would be concluded in practically an hour.
(Maybe I should have made the time limit much shorter..)

Probably this.

Anyway, I enjoyed it a lot, as there are not too many ground operations with this level of detail. A great future addition to pack.
If you can add a scoring, it would be really better... and shorter time limit, 1 day is too much.

I noticed one last thing (but unfortunately I've no save file): enemy units to my left (in the final big battle) were able to go through the red exclusion zone of the river at will, without crossing the southern bridge.

Thanks again for this scenario.

NorthStarX -> RE: New Scenario for Testing: Defensive Operation, 3rd Regimental Combat Team (3CT) in Nayoro (11/23/2020 9:52:08 PM)

I think your point is very true.
I would like to improve the scoring and time limit in the future.
I don't know when I will be able to complete this scenario and add it to the scenario pack, but I will..

Also, thank you for your comment about the river crossing.
In this scenario, that's basically what it was designed to do.
I did a lot of thinking about it, but in the end, I didn't set up a no go zone on the river for OPFOR.
There are several reasons for this, but I thought that the OPFOR's BTRs, BRDMs, and BMPs have the ability to float, so they could go through some deeper rivers.
More specifically, the T-90 MBT might not be able to cross a river of that depth without prior preparation, but sorting through each vehicle type was considered cumbersome and is an improvement for the future.
Also, while this may be a problem that could be solved with a script that more closely regulates the maneuvers of OPFOR units, I was concerned that making a large portion of the river impassable would greatly disrupt the forward maneuvers of the OPFOR maneuver battalions. So in the setting, the OPFOR is given a terrain obstacle on a much smaller scale.

But in any case, terrain obstacles is always a critical element of ground combat, so thank you for the reminder on this important point.

hellfish6 -> RE: New Scenario for Testing: Defensive Operation, 3rd Regimental Combat Team (3CT) in Nayoro (12/8/2020 1:13:33 PM)

I am very intrigued.

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