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MagicMissile -> MM (allied) vs ComadrejaKorp (axis) ComadrejaKorp welcome :) (11/21/2020 4:24:53 PM)

The picture says it all not again....


MagicMissile -> RE: MM (allied) vs ComadrejaKorp (axis) No ComadrejaKorp for now :) (11/21/2020 4:26:01 PM)

Rumours are that the Germans have recruited some special forces so the British do the same.


MagicMissile -> RE: MM (allied) vs ComadrejaKorp (axis) No ComadrejaKorp for now :) (11/21/2020 4:28:25 PM)

September 1 1939

Possible the first pursuit combat in the games history? On the very first attempt I found a German DD out sailing on the seas. I feel that sailing with the German fleet when the French Navy is still around feels a bit soso but it might be part of a cunning plan to drain allied oilsupply which is not all that good in the beginning.


MagicMissile -> RE: MM (allied) vs ComadrejaKorp (axis) No ComadrejaKorp for now :) (11/21/2020 4:30:37 PM)

In Poland a new approach to the invasion. The use of no airplanes and cutting off the western Polish armies.

German HQ admitted a small mistake in letting the Mech corps in Krakow move to warsaw and the mtn corps to take its place.
Picture before allied move.


MagicMissile -> RE: MM (allied) vs ComadrejaKorp (axis) No ComadrejaKorp for now :) (11/21/2020 4:31:28 PM)

Enf of allied turn


MagicMissile -> September 15 1939 (11/21/2020 4:32:27 PM)

September 15 1939

After 2 turns Poland is still alive but Denamrk is not. Look at that strong defender in Warsaw [:)].


MagicMissile -> September 29 1939 (11/21/2020 4:36:26 PM)

September 29 1939

But strong as it was Warsaw still falls on turn 3. Netherlands fall but the Allied air units did fine. Partly because the Luftwaffe went after and sank the Netherlands navy so that was well done. One less unit for the UK. After my recent game vs Malkarma I feel those naval units are dear to me so it hurts a bit [:)].

In this game too fairly high casualties for the Germans so not the best of starts for them in this game either.


MagicMissile -> October 13 1939 (11/21/2020 4:40:22 PM)

October 13 1939

Luck or is it easier to find raiders or were they in fleet mode? Who knows, but what I do know another UK naval unit is sunk so that sucks. But at least inflicted damage was high too. Can be repaired but not for free, it will be costly. Already lost 2 naval units makes me think I should build a ship or 2 something I have never done before but how to find the money for that I have no idea [:)].


ncc1701e -> RE: October 13 1939 (11/21/2020 4:43:50 PM)

What is your counter mod?


MagicMissile -> RE: October 13 1939 (11/21/2020 4:50:35 PM)


This is Panzermikes countermod. He got like 10 different versions. This is number 7. I am not sure if I am a huge fan of of the arm/mech unit symbol but I do like the lighter coloured background behind the Combat values and I like the Soviets are not as dark red as in a couple of other mods. Have to change things around a bit [:)].


ncc1701e -> RE: October 13 1939 (11/21/2020 4:52:56 PM)


MagicMissile -> RE: October 13 1939 (11/21/2020 5:32:33 PM)

Youre welcome [:)].

MagicMissile -> October 1939 (11/21/2020 5:36:21 PM)

October 1939

Free wine and beer on Trafalgar Square after a nice British victory at sea.

According to spy reports from Berlin the Germans thought the Task Force was a sole Canadian destroyer but they ran into the guns of the battleship Ramilies and the outcome was really nice for the UK. Medals for everyone!


MagicMissile -> RE: October 1939 (11/21/2020 5:39:49 PM)

Churchill have had nightmares recently where he dreams he plays a wargame and loses the whole British navy. He wakes up screaming and sweaty. After the news of the battle in the gap between Iceland and Greenland he might sleep a bit easier [:)]

Not only the naval battle but the escorts got 2 sub factors too. So 18 naval German factors gone after October 1939 is a very nice start.


malkarma -> RE: October 1939 (11/21/2020 10:10:19 PM)

Read my post in the AAR regarding you "Girls und Panzers" poster [:D]

MagicMissile -> RE: October 1939 (11/22/2020 11:01:30 AM)

Thanks you I did [:)]

MagicMissile -> End of 39 (11/23/2020 12:45:34 PM)

In this game too 1939 comes to an end. Not much to report except I am happy with the naval aspect so far.

Also we have updated to Beta U16 with the new sub rules.


MagicMissile -> RE: End of 39 (11/23/2020 12:47:32 PM)

I shamelessly copy my opponent and goes on a victory tour through Iraq and Persia.


MagicMissile -> April 1940 (11/24/2020 8:17:26 PM)

April 1940

We jump to April 1940. The Axis in both games have had bad luck with the weather. Not a single cold turn. So will be a bit tougher going for the Germans for sure.


MagicMissile -> RE: April 1940 (11/24/2020 8:18:46 PM)

Not very interesting but the situation in Egypt


MagicMissile -> May 10 1940 (11/24/2020 9:42:57 PM)

May 10 1940

Campaign season starts and Belgium is conquered. A fairly cautious German advance makes the French a bit brave or foolhardy who knows and kind of follow historical plan with a cautious advance into parts of Belgium.

Airlosses at 3:2 in German favour I think that is where it usually end up.


MagicMissile -> May 24 1940 (11/24/2020 9:52:45 PM)

May 24 1940

And campaign season ends temporarily can you nice people believe it, it is a rain turn. That is so much bad luck I feel and will have an impact on the game as the fall of France will probably be delayed by a month maybe more I am guessing.

French advance into Belgium turned out to be a good idea. Ill go out in the garden and make a rain dance now [:)].


MagicMissile -> June 7 1940 (11/24/2020 11:30:13 PM)

Oh oh. I spoke way too soon. I forgot to take a screenshot from the chock :). I felt so comfortable but a new German build has been revealed to me. Not 5 not 6 but 9 mech units surge south through the Ardennes and down to Paris but further east. I tried a few counterattacks but with little result and next turn wont be fun even British units at risk. Very well done! I wonder if I can sleep after this [:)]. I have been stuck with my own build for along time since it works pretty good but this gave me something to think about. I have been considering for some time that with the nerf to airunits a big army might be better and thats what we see here. Picture next turn i wont forget.

Norway conquered by the German para.

Harrybanana -> RE: June 7 1940 (11/25/2020 6:44:31 AM)

By 9 "mech units" do you mean he built 9 mechanized units in addition to the 2 armour Germany starts with for a total of 11 Mech and Armour; or that he built 7 mechanized for a total of 9 combined Mech and Armour? My usual build from the fall of Poland to May 1940 is 2 Armour, 1 Mech, 1 Para, 1 fighter and 1 Tac bomber. So 6 total units. If he built 9 new units that is impressive.

MagicMissile -> RE: June 7 1940 (11/25/2020 11:34:57 AM)

Yea sorry terminology maybe not 100% clear. When I write Mech units I clump together mech and arm corps. Otherwise I tend to write just that arm corps and mech corps. No not 9 extra units built 7 more so 5 arm corps and 4 mech corps and maybe more to come. I dont think it is hard to do. If you are willing to disband some infantry I could see that the Germans could have 11 or so in May June 40. I just havent seen it before in practice. Like every plan it probably has some drawbacks as well.

MagicMissile -> June 21 1940 (11/27/2020 4:00:21 PM)

I have been shellshocked like the French high command in the real war so there havent been some updates for a while. I am sure you are sitting on the edge of the seat waiting for news from the front [:)].

In like 2 turns it is almost over. I have formed a fortress around the river Seine and Somme. But here I made a critical mistake. I thought to form Vichy you have to take Paris but that is of course not true. Take Paris you can get Italy into the war but to form Vichy you just need to take enough cities and as can be seen from the screenshots all of France is basically open. Think I should know these things after so many games [:)]. In the screenshot you can see the glorious 9 arm/mech corps running around.

Also side note. His 4 fighters are doing alot better than my 6 fighters in the other game. I do use supply trucks so not sure how it can be such a big difference. Not that far off from 2:1. Feel I have something to learn here.


MagicMissile -> July 5 1940 (11/27/2020 4:07:39 PM)

July 5 1940

And it is over. Could have done better. Just garrisoning any city like St Nazaire I could have forced a fight for Rouen or Metz at least and prolonged it another turn or so and some more German losses. Which actually are pretty big so even though it went fast it was still fairly costly.

The British lost one mech corps one inf corps and one inf div. More than what I usually lose. Mech corps hurt of course.


MagicMissile -> August 16 1940 (11/27/2020 4:13:59 PM)

August 16 1940

Forgot some screenshots but not that much to show. The Axis have taken out Vichy and invaded and taken out Vichy North Africa. Allied have taken Vichy Syria. Here the situation in Egypt. But considering German losses are not that small and a fair amount of landing ships were used against the Vichy I feel Egypt might be fairly safe this game. Might be famous last words again. we will see [:)].


MagicMissile -> August 30 1940 (11/27/2020 4:25:39 PM)

August 30 1940

ComadrejaKorp is turning out to be a very difficult and creative opponent [:)]. A German invasion of Portugal! Not really sure why. I guess it will be revealed to me. I feel there are some drawbacks as in a place for the Allies to engage the Axis and from there possibly go through Spain. I can see it as a base against Gibraltar but I thought Supply in Africa might be enough for air units. But maybe it will be some all in entire German airforce and then Portugal supply might be needed.


MagicMissile -> September 13 1940 (11/27/2020 4:30:01 PM)

September 13 1940

Are we just lucky to find ships all the time or is it now a bit too easy to find raiders? That is the question as the first CV immediately hits Bismarck


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