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canuckgamer -> HQ Boosting Range (11/17/2020 9:41:12 PM)

When an HQ is boosting the distribution supply value of another HQ, what is the maximum number of hexes that the HQ being boosted can be from the HQ that is doing the boosting?

mdsmall -> RE: HQ Boosting Range (11/18/2020 1:01:01 AM)

I believe it is a function of the supply value of the first HQ in the chain. If it is sitting on a town with a supply value of 5, the first HQ will raise its supply level to 8. Thus a second HQ would be able to boost supply up to 7 hexes away, the amount diminishing per hex (unless supply can be projected along a road). If the first HQ were sitting on a town with a supply value of 8, then it would boost supply to 10 and a second HQ would receive supply to boost up to 9 hexes away. Note that the first HQ in the chain has to be on the supply source - you can't have a chain of HQs boosting supply beyond two.

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