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Los -> How to add custom names to OB? (11/14/2020 2:06:38 PM)

Howdy all,
I am having a conundrum here. I have been trying to make custom OBs and the names of some friends in charge of units for our online campaign. I can create scenarios and edit OBs to get the names in game. But when in game the original names remain show up. I have not been able t get to the bottom of this and double check the OOBs and sacenario.csv which all look in order. the game is pulling names from somewhere else.

I see in the OOB CSv there is the first column example:

Name Name 1 Name 2
French4 Marchel Joe Blow II Corps

Is his Name column referencing a table somewhere that has all the names in it? Because in game it still reports this unit (for example) as Marchel Ouidinot.

Any ideas on how to get these names to stick? I haven't encountered this issue in custom OOBs for SOW Gettysburg. What is the best way to accomplish what I am trying to do. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.


RebBugler -> RE: How to add custom names to OB? (11/16/2020 2:40:58 AM)

Hello Los
In order for new names to be added to OOBs the names have to be included in the master Names.xml file, or, via a mod. The easiest and fastest method is via a mod, as I will explain here.

Basically, with this mod (attached), your complete edited OOB will be copied and the OOB names transferred to a file named 'LanguageEnglishMod.xml', which will essentially register your new names when this mod is enabled in Modifications.


Once the mod is copied to the Mods folder, open it and copy your edited OOB to the OOBs folder. Next, execute (click) the 'OOBTONames.exe' app. Follow the messages in the app window provided, there will be two. Once completed, you'll find a newly created 'LanguageEnglishMod.xml' file, containing your OOB names. Move (cut/paste) this new file to the Layout/Media/Language folder, overwrite the original 'LanguageEnglishMod.xml' file.

Feel free to make your own mod using this mod's structure. You can include the 'OOBTONames.exe' app with a new mod or not, but hang on to it for future use. Not sure if it was included with the game, maybe the SDK, but it was developed by the SOWWL team.

Unzip and Copy to the Mods folder:

Los -> RE: How to add custom names to OB? (11/21/2020 3:34:25 PM)

Reb I would like to thank you very much for the help!

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